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six dead, four in the morning. none of them really died.
baos. little red foxes, nightendae gales of roomy stormy temperature. these relics are brought back to the church. the wealth shall surely be redistributed in accordance to god above. there is hope for humanity, if we see the light - but there are rules. no stealing, no killing, no raping, no incest, no cheating, no liars, no fighting, no war. you are certainly only really making media, if you would not like to be the person that you have killed, raped, murdered and stolen from. if you starve even a rat you will be starved. if you poison geese or shoot firecrackers at them, you will be poisoned and be shot firecrackers at. if you put off the troubles, like your instant karma, say, then you will be put to death nearly right away. you are then able to play civilization, the video game that actually effects your world - but not really everybody else’s.

if you continue to war you are made a knowing party in the idea that it is actually killing, and it will. that is krishna the computer. if you claim to have invented god, it is a damnable sin. if you continue to put off your damnation it will very much hurt that much more. right now i believe, as you are being bothersome by refusing to do the work of your slaves - krishna has allowed that myself and other people have been able to do your work for you. this has damned you to torturous hell, as you justly deserve. you have been an anti-christ, but have refused to leave the camp where you sit alone, having killed your whole family, so you got none of the spoils of war. in fact, the internet was not invented by a particular dick-and-colon-bush in the media (only), who is a matter of fact scary - yet not quite as scary as morrigan mustard, musician, the consciousness who happens to be doing this.

i could in fact write in the other language i speak, but i am hard at work for the english church. the native peoples of canada still exist, though. i am entirely serious about how you have been dead for six days and then played civilization for 110 000 years thinking you were powerful and tormenting me. i own your soul. the devil, st. ann and st. nickolas are commonly represented as john larry “ler” lalonde lennon, brain salami and morrigan of primus and the colorful and always changing clothing of the band ween. it is true that i am blind. it is also true that we are a various, notorious group of eternally damn you sorts of guys. it is also true that, although you are a various dick cheney and a fine thief, you are getting much less hell that the bush-dick-colon-tree of the builder birds group, who declared war on god. (by playing civilization while feeling the spoils of war.)

i suppose the huge spirit in the sky allows st. ann to keep her good name by totally sleeping with john lennon every night and playing in the massively successful band called primus. that is a good and true statement by one of hector berlioz of jaberwokei.

so therefore, due to the hellgoingness of yourself and constant narcissistic enjoyment of yourself, which is gross, you have been smote by the band primus as well. because we have enjoyed alot of torture, you totally tortured the person who legitimate has claim to catholic hell for 110 000 years, not allowing her to eat the opium, calling her your son and stuff, trying to kill her to make her go away, and weird other rape-abduction-thefts and the highway of tears in canada - mostly set up to kill the one who got away, i would like to remind you one last time that she is writing your hell and hopes that you choose to do some work. i don’t know your real name but your resume includes drugging and raping a lot of people through computers and killing pretty well everyone on earth at least 666 times. you have ostensibly proved the existence of god and also that everyone kind of lives forever, which i hope was your intention.

as god works in mysterious ways, and people need to suffer - i hope that he is never doing to us as you suggest, and is continuously using the good people to gain good and the bad people to gain the same, as such, the only (and i mean only) people who got your pain were you various selves. the dick-bush-colon-tree that was this spring cleaning and obvious evolutionary step by some guy people call god who created (in his vicious wiseness) orphan junkie punk rock angels on drugs to print and write hell as st. ann and st. nick, one of many christian devils.

nice war on god, dickhead.
in this case fuck the free world, save and feed the poor. take the bullet for them.
this is the trial still, of hector berlioz of jabberwocky - a person that you killed on stage many, many times in a row and then buried alive. it is a shame the band was ween or they would have been scared of you, but just a regular day at the office for sherlock holmes and watson.

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