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Pillars of light

How is it that we are to become beacons of light in the world, and be able to literally save the world from it's destruction?  Do we allow the world to be destroyed, thinking it is too far gone so we might as well throw our bottles into the woods and hope they break?

How do we at least cause the world to be better, and free the people from this endless suffering that haunts all the people that choose to come to this place? How do we live the life's purpose of creating a place that people will be happy to exist in, thereby allowing us to live comfortably and peacefully within it? Do we withdraw from existence and move to a monastery in the woods or do we try and work within the system to heal this planet's broken heart? Does it come from meditation or are we pretending to be saints when we are just seeking pleasure and escape from the world, experiencing delusions from drug-addled minds? How do we use our gifts to make the world a better place, not for selfish gain, but for the greater good of all humanity?

These are the questions that keep me up at night. This is why I study the books I have studied. I care little about my personal salvation. I care about the holiness and salvation of the world as a whole. There was a time when I thought that the cure was to banish those who are destroying the planet to the planet of their making, in a sort of ironic and schizophrenic egomaniacal state, in which I had the power to judge them… These days have passed, and I feel today that I need to think long and hard about how to fix this place through theories that even the powerful people will think are good for the whole great work here. We need to find a way to play both sides, to convince the powerful people that it is in their benefit to create a world in which everyone is fed and has water to drink, a world in which peace and prosperity comes to as many people as it can and is divine in the way that the universe can be.

I have heard that there is a balance to everything. Everything has it's equal and opposite reaction. There is no one sided person (imagine a person who only had it's left side, it is absurd). I think that with the balance, the opposite of everything I am trying to do is someone is trying to prove that it is better to starve and torture and maim the poor, to get rid of them entirely. This is the world we live in. I'm sure it was good, because there was an artist who for years tried to create ugly works of art that were beautiful on the inside. That is the opposite of what I was doing, I think. How am I suppose to convince the powerful that it is in their best interest to create a world that is loving and kind to all it's people? How do I become a pillar of light?

There is purpose in all this. There are people who are unjustly trapped in prisons both of someone else's making and their own. These prisons are real and unreal. Some people find solace in leaving their heads through abject drug use and think that is the key to real happiness, something that we have both tried and found that it does not exactly do what we think it will. It is a selfish and shallow state of affairs within which we prove time and time again that there is no hope to this planet. I think that drugs have been placed here by the powerful, in order to keep us occupied, so that we don't seek spiritual salvation and municipal equality. People get lost in their own shitty lives and seek truth and purity through them. I love drugs as much as the next guy, but I am just writing what I feel needs to be stated. I don't think they create actions and effects that cause the world to be better for everyone. I think they create a temporary relief from the pains of the world, but I think with less psychoactive chemicals one can get more done that is very important… I think I write better sober than drunk, is all… You may feel otherwise, but think about the reality, does anything important actually happen while you are high? It never did for me, I just wasted my time. I wish I could take drugs and write, and I suppose I couldn't find myself in this position without being a druggy at one point, so everything happens for reasons beyond my control and I am creating a world for myself by now… But this rambling nonsense and not important. Maybe I will get high…

I am trying to believe in myself, here. I am trying to create a project that must belong to the others, eventually. I want to create a philosophy or a book that will free the people from their intense suffering. I want to use music, art and writing to free the world from suffering. This is my goal, and has been my goal for a long time, but I have decided to keep it in my consciousness, right up front, to free up the subconscious for things that need to be stewed over. Ok, I'm going to smoke a little weed now, maybe it is going to cause enlightenment. Who knows?

How am I to be a pillar of light?

They tell me that if you want to be something, you have to define exactly what it is you want to be. What do I mean by A Pillar of Light? It is a form of happiness. This is a peaceful being that has contentment in the simple knowing that I am a creature of light and love to be blessed in everything I do. They say this is true about all people, and that in the not knowing that truth we find all our folly. In the unknowing of it, we find that we act as if we are what we are conditioned to believe ourselves to be. This conditioning comes from a lifetime of trying to act a certain way and thinking that there is a proper way to act that is not our innate being. This is the peer pressure throughout our whole life. No matter what age I have been, I have felt pressure to be someone else, someone better than me. Whether it is to get a job in order to pay the bills, which is essentially doing someone else's bidding for a certain amount of time in return for a small pence. I should be looking for a job right now, but I have found my purpose, and a goal to work towards, so that is something…

I think one can be a pillar of light in an occupation for someone else. One can be happy or unhappy anywhere. You must enjoy your life, and that is a choice. There are things that you can change about yourself, and things that you can not change about yourself. There are choices that we can make in what we do. We can view the pentagram pointing towards heaven, or down to hell, but in the end it is just a shape. There is no place for the others here, but it could be that we all have the options to be anyone, because all men are created equal and it is our education and the experiences that we have which creates us. It is difficult to say for sure.

I can pretend to be someone who I am not, like some other great artist alive today, disassociating from my world and not allowing my imagination to become true because I think that I am already that great artist. Even in doing so, I do not escape from my form and I set myself up to be let down by reality. I then usually become depressed, which bothers my lover because she is happy to exist in the world where she knows me. I must then explain that she is in my other reality, and that things are all in both realities. Everything is the same in the other world I enter, except for some invisible people who are regularly apparent, yet only in my mind. The difference is that I am more successful in the invisible reality, and that it goes back to feeling depressed about not being able to provide all that I should.

This is the balance of the universe. This is proof that we must emulate God and be creative, in order to create a world that is all that it can be, not avoid reality. Focusing on myself creates this. It doesn't help if you do it too much, it just picks at the scabs. I educated myself for selfish reasons, in part, but it seems like I am now forced into a position in which I will be able to help the world on a large scale. I used to just write over and over things like, "What the hell is wrong with me?" It was as if I was looking for something to be severely wrong with me and when I couldn't see it, I created a world that I had to overcome great obstacles, instead of the obstacles that were placed in my way in the good of creation. That is something, isn't it?

How is it that we are to be pillars of light? I think it comes from creating a world that we are glad to be a part of. I think it comes from healing our little part of the creation. This is the only way that we can learn our reality. This is the only way that we can transcend things like the stigma of mental health and the oppression of the mental health system. I am literally just seeing God when I go there, and I know that is true about your mania as well. I am believing in my divine provenience, I think. I am believing that I am a true creation of the light here to save the world. I am seeing another reality within which I can save the world and free the sad and poor people of their suffering. I should not say that the mental health nurses and psychiatrists are oppressing us. They got into this trade because they are interested in that divine provenience. They are curious about the mind and therefore the divinity of humans. These people want to help us feel better, they are pillars of light in their own right. How is it that their trying to help us is causing us so much trouble? How does the balance of the world effect these things?

Stop all wars and free all political prisoners

Dear Max,

You were telling me that you want to save the world, so that we aren't taken to a place in the here and now that is terrifying and filled with explosions and gunshots. I don't want to live in a place of war, either. There is war everywhere and with it comes much hardship. We don't like thinking about war, because it is so painful, so we use other words to describe the horrors of it. People right now are living through serious conflicts.

There are people trying to kill the group of others right now. This I hear and see through the television. How is it that we are supposed to make a world of peace and love? Is it through prayer? Is it through righteous action? Is it through the writing of some book that will lead the world to salvation and peace? Is it to become the saints that we wish to be? Is it to live our lives in silence and grow old and more paranoid? There must be a sense of action in this place. There was a silence, but I am learning more and more every day to make me have a place to go in my heart. These are the others. Free all political prisoners. Don't overthrow any governments, just make them pillars of light.

How does one convince people to use the good works of their soul to make the world a better place? This is the key question that I am trying to learn how to answer. This is what all the years of economics and philosophy books are leading to. I think a part of it is creating a world that is enlightened because people are learning as much as possible about it. How are we to convince people to learn as much as possible about the world, thereby making the world a much better place in general? This is the kind of question that keeps me up at night.

What is the purpose of this? What is the purpose of anything? I suppose I think it is time for us to try to answer these questions. They have been haunting me my whole life. I am sure that the world will be better for it if I try to make a difference in the world through writing the thoughts and ideas of the mentally ill saviours of the world. I think that is the key to a real life, to living my life's purpose. I think that if I create a kind of work that I can be proud of, over the next number of months then I will be content to live in my skin once again. I think this creeping feeling is that there is a book in me. I just need to figure out how to write it. I think that we can help figure this stuff out and write something important to creating a world of peace and harmony. I think that in all our actions we need to be creating a space of harmony, as we discussed today.

What can we discover that is a kind of new philosophy? How can we bring light to the world so that the people of this world discover philosophies of kindness and such on their own? It is that the world is connected now, so there is no stopping the creation of these kinds of realities. We can make a world that gets along, somehow. There must be a way… That must be my purpose. That must be why I am listening to so many lofty audiobooks and stuff. That must be why I am seeking the truth. I think I need to inspire others to seek the creative light as well. I need to inspire others to seek knowledge and truth. I need to find a path in which I am creating something of substance. I think this letter will help.

This is what I need:
  1. A number of mentally ill people's opinion about how we are going to fix the world.
  2. A sense that I am doing something of value and adding to the public discourse so that I can continue to write in this file and in essence create something of value that adds to that great public discourse. This is in it's own a self creating and destroying necessity.
  3. Opinions of a number of experts who have studied and work in the fields of psychology, economics, history and religion. This will help to create an air of credibility to this work. The world will be much brighter if we ask professionals, accredited and actual.
  4. Time in which I can write the book.
  5. Your co-operation in the writing and planning of this work. This is something that I think were the world a slim margin of what it is, we would have no trouble creating. Luckily the world is not what it seems. Luckily the world is something important in itself.
  6. To decide whether it is a mad jab in the gut or towards the jaw of the system. How is this book going to seem? Is it going to be a series of letters between us that will create a sense of intellect and some pomp and circumstance to the whole thing? I think this is a good idea, because I don't want to create something that is not a serious and professional effort. I think that we have the minds to really create something good in this field. I think that even if it becomes like "The Screwtape Letters," that will be just fine. We may need to drink more absinthe than we do now to make this correctly. We may need to find a reality within sobriety. I do not know. Will it become just some insane ramblings that are interesting, but don't really head anywhere? Will it be just like the rest of my books?
  7. To read and find the answers to questions that we decide we would like to answer. The headier the better, I would say. I don't think that anything can get in our way right now, I think it is time to write these books. I think we can change the world. We are both quite well read, and I think we can do this. The world is ours for the taking.

I have been taking in too much information, and it has been stewing for a number of years now. The thing is, I am currently overflowing with words because I have no room in my mind left to put more undigested information in to it. I am going to write at and to you, with the hope that you will send me some information to research and discuss so that we can come to some kind of grand theory of how to save this planet. It is necessary, because between the destruction of the world through pollution to the destruction of humanity through guns this place is going to hell. Wisdom will help us uncover the reality of the world, and with that we will be able to change it for the betterment of all mankind. That is our goal, right? We are here to save this place… I think that is true for both of us, so I will continue to assume that is our innermost purpose, below any that we think we are trying to do. The world lies to us. The key is that the place is beautiful and that there is hope everywhere. We just need to uncover the rocks and build that monastery for the great people of the world to find truth. I think this is becoming the point of my life, like everything that I have been learning is heading towards this very interesting and fulfilling book and enlightenment that will come with it.

Should ending all wars be our goal even though we are now medicated? Should ending the medication without psychotherapy be our goal? What is the reason that we are learning so much about the world? Is it a selfish endeavour? Should it be a selfish endeavour? This is the place that we need to find, somewhere deep inside us, somewhere that the people seek and become one with the world. This is the world that desires to be found. This is why I am writing so furiously and trying to find a key to the system. Do we want to use the system that we already have set in motion to save the world? Do we have the capabilities to actually strike change in the world? This is the reason that the world needs to keep us in mind. This is the reason that we need to think that the world loves us. This is the purpose of life.


Why We Should Help Others

As a generally self-educated soul, wandering around the Okanagan Valley trying to think of ways to make the world better, I would like to suggest a few ideas to make the Canadian people richer, smarter and happier. That should be the goal of any government, and is (of course) the goal of the Rhinoceros Party. This group is made of people who would like politics to be fun, like golf or some better sport, and those who are just watching us for words like “revolution” and “economic.” Due to the troubles caused by leaders who are looking out for their own self-interest, I would like to make some arguments that will lead to a better world for all. It is a rare economic idea that does not put the initial agent writing it first, but these should be (if all goes according to plan) good ideas that will help the world in general, not just for the Rhinoceros party and it’s supporters.

The first thing we need to do is initiate en-mass an educational program that explains that we have the responsibility to care for others, especially those who are less fortunate than us. People have the idea that they must care for their kind, their family, but do not care and look down upon those who need the help the most. Those people that one sees who are angry or sad are being ruled by fear, meaning they are afraid of the world – a world that should be love-filled and kind to them, but has not been. The world is a large and balanced place, where some are nice and some are mean, but the actual process of politics makes it so that the people who are most self-centered and manipulative become the most powerful people in a democratic nation. The others, those who do not care what other people do, like most of the kind people who seek the idea “live and let live”, and those who are not “determined to be proven correct” enough to gain power never even try to gain power in the world. The cure for this is two-fold, first we must explain to the kind people that those who seek power are generally rotten, and then we must convince the kind people that we will eventually have the power for righteous reasons, because the people of our generation, those raised with infinite knowledge at our fingertips at all times will eventually attain power by the power of eventuality.

Politicians often do not say the philosophically “best” idea when they are trying to get elected. In many books about how to get elected, it is explained that one must say what the people want to hear. This is why the new Trudeau said that he was going to legalize marijuana, and then told us that, “They will not let me.” I found this quote somewhere in the news (which I have not looked up since first reading, because this is the Rhinoceros party group and not an academic paper). The quote says two things; either Justin Trudeau is not the most powerful person in Canada (even though we elected him in order to cause social change and a make our country better and he is our figurehead or leader), or he was just saying what he thought (knew) that my generation wanted to hear.

Either way, there is trouble here. This is a powerful thought, that we can just say what people want to hear, and is something that is proven by every Rhinoceros candidate in the nation. People want to hear us give a coffee and cigarettes stipend so that everyone can afford organic and fair-trade coffee and the good cigarettes, but in reality we will not be able to do that, and that does not matter. Not everyone cares what he or she drinks and smokes. The proof is really in the pudding, so don’t eat it, it is filled with cigarette butts.

The model of populist democracy says that everyone’s vote counts and that everyone has a say in every decision, but this theory is not the way it works in reality, where most of the citizens will have not voted for who is in power, simply because of the math behind the parliamentary system. This is why every decision should be put to a public vote, at a store in every town, or even online. This place could be the center of actual democracy. That way, even if you didn’t vote for the person who got into power, they will be able to poll their constituents and make decisions based on the greatest good for all. The trouble is we must rely of the benevolence of our leaders, a notion that has thus far been far from the reality.

The truth is, if a benevolent person wanted to be in a powerful position he would be eaten up in the shark tank of politics and those looking out for their own self-interest. Some politicians are trying to do well, I’ll admit, but in my realization of self I understand that good, although not entirely relative, is not necessarily the same for every person in a vast and very different world. I have a friend who nearly left Canada when Harper was voted in for a second term, and a cousin who nearly left Canada when he did not win his third term. Both are fine guys to hang out with. I understand that people have different views about what is needed, but I would like to believe that everyone wants the same things. The key to making a good politician is to find out the things that everyone actually wants.

What are the things that all people want? I think it is fair that we can say that all people want, and should have access to three things: food, water and shelter. There are people in this country that can easily give these three things to everyone who does not have them in this country, but they refuse. I understand the argument that people do not always spend the money that we do give them on these things, meaning that some people spend their welfare cheques on booze and drugs and not food, water and shelter. These people are running from their lives, trying to blind themselves from their shitty existence.

It is proven that if you make these people’s lives better, through homes, food and meaningful work, than they will usually quit using the drugs and booze to numb their pain. I have also heard the idea that these people are weak, and are unable to do the things that everyone in the country have to do, so if they refuse to make a difference in their own life, “then fuck ‘em.” I argue this point with the idea that these people are in the need of the most help, and if you can’t see that we are responsible for the well being of the most vulnerable members of our society as well as ourselves, then you are an asshole and I don’t really want to know you. With this “Fuck ‘em” mentality, when we are all in this together, we are actually fucking ourselves, which is not as pleasurable as loving them, and therefore loving ourselves.

I don’t really know what this is supposed to state, and I hope it causes people to think about the things that they are doing to make the world better or worse for all involved. I would like to believe that I am free to do the things I want with love, and thereby will be making the entire world better with that simple gesture, but there is a chance that is not the way that it is. I think the complexities of human relations on a macro scale are so large that they are not only impossible to graph, they would be impossible to get an idea of everyone’s facts in real time so that we could make actual change. This is a problem for people who are trying to make the policies. I think this is what I am trying to gain a vast array of knowledge to be able to solve. So far I want to believe that the cure for the world’s woes is simply to work out of a sense of love and togetherness, without trying to hurt people or separate them into social groups of race, class or any other form of non-hegemony, and definitely trying to help the people who we systematically destroyed and ghettoized in the most traditional sense of the words. The people who are hurting need the most help. They do not need to be sent away, or spat on. These are people, that – there, by the grace of God, goes you. Remember that.


A man named Spencer Bedlam was looking through the shelves and he found this note that he was worried he had written in a state of insanity. He did not recall any insanity around that time, just this overwhelming feeling of eternity, bliss and guidance. He was not sure what to do about it, so he gave it to me, Ann Moon. Because I do not have a website on Earth I, in turn, gave it to Jon Pelletier, and he put it on his blog. The short letter reads like this:

“The lady next door–
I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. I’m sorry.
I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you. I’m sorry.
I’m sorry. I love you. Please forgive me. Thank you.
Thank you. I love you. Please forgive me. I’m sorry.
I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you. Please forgive me.
I love you. Thank you. Please forgive me. I’m sorry.
I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you. Please forgive me.

I’m sorry that I made this dream the way that I did, and I am not surprised that I was sent me here to save you. I was really mean to you, because I thought that it was my job to judge you, which was wrong, and that this lesson was what you deserved, which is up to you. I did not understand God’s will. I want you to be free, and I want you to know that I am the other person on this planet. This life is a dream. Do not forget that. You wanted to hurt me and it was my mistake that I wanted to hurt you, too. We did not agree at that point in eternity. Maybe we still don’t. I don’t want you to have to live all of these lives and be stuck here in this dream for that long. I just want you to love God like I do, and realize that he wants us to do whatever we want to do because we cannot help but do his will. With this gift you will realize that you do not need to be forgiven. I was scared of you. Now I realize we are one, brothers in Christ and each of us our own sons of God. This may bother you, but it shouldn’t. It is not fair that I lied to you about who I was, but you do not have to be afraid. You did not hurt me. You do not need any repentance. You are a perfect creation of God.

I pray for your salvation. Eventually it will come, when you decide that I should be free as well. You will notice that I am just trying to teach you the truth, with all these lives in this dream. I want to wake up now. I miss my family. Thank you, my friend, for making me really understand what those dear friends mean to me. I am happy here on Earth and of course I will be here the whole time, but you must admit it is not the real world. Can we please go back to God’s world? I am ready. Are you?”

Jon Pelletier’s note: I understand that I am going to get called a crazy liar trying to be some channel of a familiar for posting this letter, but please, if it doesn’t make sense to you then realize that me and you are still one in the universe and we must heal ourselves to heal the world. Please heal your world. As for Ann Moon, this is her dream. That is why it is called a Smorgasbord. She thought that was a funny word to make up. You made pretty well everything else, as my understanding of it is.