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As this should be a piece that I send for publishing I would like now share an old poem that I first wrote between 15 and 17 years of age. I did not think I was like the rest of the people but eventually learned that most were the same. Other people simply deal with insecurities differently.

You are a product of your television. (I am)
Television pulls you in with signal mixing pixels in electrons forming colors and pictures of the world’s most beautiful people. This makeup and paint and wonder bras that leave perfect models in a perfect world. The kind of world with explosions every three or four minutes and a hero who saves the day once in perfect time. It is because he is under contract to be in the next episode.

So we root for a cat that never dies and never will. These perfectly timed plot twists and changes of heart. For men who seek the fame of the old mistaken line, “I’ll get you, Mr. Bond.” And it is getting better again. At least the TV is playing rock music again.

(This is perhaps because we only remember the greatest from the past. If I had to follow Nirvana with a group like A Simple Plan than the suggestion to claim that such pop-punk is un-cool and refrain from broadcasting until the threats of no longer supporting such a television station became serious. Though I still much prefer Nirvana to A Simple Plan I understand how MuchMusic sold that music as punk rock now.)

They are starting to play a track by A Perfect Circle. Maynard is quite a man. They do not play enough Tool, all the Good Charlotte and these punk bands seem to be products. It seems a twisted ideal, an insult even.

I continue with angst: Where are the Sex Pistols? The Dead Kennedys? For fucks sake, where is the Clash? These could be pop music.
(Without going into too much detail, I understand now why the Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys were not played on MuchMusic after school during the beginning of the new millennium.)

I like “The Wedge.” It would be cool to be played on the wedge.

Authors Note: I should also say that I knew very little about the Sex Pistols or the Dead Kennedys at that time in my life. I first heard Anarchy in the UK and Nazi Punk’s Fuck Off around the time is all.

It turns out my third high school band was Pyrite. Or maybe it was my ego.
So the Eclectic Roses began and I worked for God, under the guise of someone who listened to Manwoman while he baby-sat me. It was a blessed simplicity.

I spewed curse words on the paper as reaction to my thoughts about the quality of these early writings. This was a trait I did not understand, followed by a list of band names, including the Ceramic Bears, Hanks Soup Kitchen (Four days a year we serve the poor) and Let it Go.

Soar and for a tore roaring good time. (And I believe that is what I did.)
Or: The Gentle Swastikas Happy Fun Time Band

It is a question of how easy it all is. The perfect new-order of pop punk rock or roll. Perhaps a blues progression, but I admit that I feel like a idiot version of a ZZ Top wannabe who still lived with his Mother because I wanted to sleep and eat for free. I did not have a job.

As far as I want to go:
Heroin Magnet Junky Dilemma: although I think that the kids are wrong. With one wave of this magic wand we will have marsh mellow soup and aunt eater feet.
These are parts of little boys eating a treat.

A Blessing Requested

To time to drive fast as the last that they know
These are wolves in this sheep clothing
Trust in the taste of a spell or a show
Or this tea and smoke that I’m holding
Water or minds that had that old spot
Where I know what is not worth knowing
And happiness is a heart that is hidden from wine
As a heart and a mind that will show it

So take your last breathe and feel your mind walk
As a blessing of wolves in sheep clothing
And a man that stood tall near the back or the wall
It is the take that is not worth knowing
As a request would be told the world placed them alone
It is a blessing and rose that I’m holding
The dear space above and ground ‘neath my feet
Take the best blessing that knowing is holding

The same that hold forward we march to these walls
And stay blessed in this house forever
And they won’t mock your soul or keep you long and told warm
That took their old man as a sorcerer
Who recorded alone a year passed from his home
A house as blessed right to a smoker
You when you dress like that as smooth as a cat
Take hold of this rope you an hold it
And stay here us because you must in a house
As blessed as our house it is such

With fragrant dress as a mouse that I trust
I trust this dear house to take hold and take nobody prisoner
The voice in this house the old discarded old soul
To watch it in holding their prisoner
Strange things unsettling and people with faces that
Worry and mark the old road
Former insurgents want drafted dictation
Old men march slowly towards
And the men stood in line on checkerboard floors
Like the light if the former
And marked were the people before

Man was a monster that took him in succubus
And morning star’s fate and the gold and the blessing incurred
My mind falls on the words I have
Tortured and haunted damned souls when if wanting this
Space of the haunting was spent in the rhyme
That they held if the lord
Said blessing this house with the best dressed next cigarette
Or testing the mouth of the ones that you wore

So the dome of the lights became shade
And though the lights became shade
The dark rose in the room
The light fell below a smoky
Shadow that held
Fare these monsters well
They can’t take me to hell

And the tree tapped the window
That silly old tree
An honorable mention
The taste of the trapper told
Too many before
So testing the truth I said
Try to face this old heartache
That these taps are the trees
And not the voice from before

And the tapping began
To rap a little louder
Too soft or the wind
Took the tap to the places
Take me to the tone
That drops me beyond

So marching to the front room
I reached for the door
And outside to the front lawn
I saw a graced hand
Something pulling away the dirt

The shook like space and seemed to grow from the year
But quickly shrunk back to the tile that sat at that spot
I take the reason and the happening that ad their
Hypnotizing reason or state or saint
The sage that took them when the friends never had some
So we took the sages stuff like the friend that I was
The test for me to take from you was
Such a strange and odd fellow that
The walls began shaking as ghosts in the night
Took their proper place on cupboards and around
The seconds or settlement that blessed this dear house
It is coming with me now

And the only man that I could see sat drinking gasoline
I knew the disturbance was real
As the other man I couldn’t see stood clearly right next to me
My only friend could not hear this man’s howl

So a man such as you is testing my fire
To choruses of shadows and whips and the like
And if I was to take this silly little knife
And play in my fancy band
This man will be saved from our life

As a blessing requested that a man such as dressed as you
Said to the other sent witness alive
And taking my mind she said
I can’t hand you that weapon friend
The stopping of all time
The test is a blessing too
See all those things I do
Seeing these minds or time
And testing the waters
That man sits drinking gasoline

Place him in the water, sir
And bring yourself too
The checkerboard floor tore
The minds that were shattered
With lights that knew nothing of them

And the shadows you wrote
Of these downtrodden souls
The minds in these covers and walls
These checkerboard floors seed
A few more near shadows sir
So we can all do this in these walls

So the man drinking gasoline grabbed me by the shoulder
And told me this is what we do to our friends
When they are swinging around knives
And pretending to type and be on stage
We need to wrap you in rope and leave you on the floor
So you calm and we can settle this hope is the mantra
That all will be well when I wake in the morning

And a rapping began from the tree on the window
Ticking time taking tombs to their road
The tapping received the tones that had told me
This was the old way that I needed and so
These men that you knew were this
They gave you a leaning thin
Forward you must march to the hall
The tapping on the window
Clicked lightly and clearly
I had to place the man drinking gasoline
Into these walls

The tapping tipped titles that toned in chimes didn’t sit
On a table that floated in the air
The blessing that tested me
That needed the western seed
The morning dew set in the air

If standard life alternate
And mornings that had to be
Took the words sheltered but bare
These things tapping with me
Is nothing but the trees
These trees that are mine and not yours

The blessing requested
As to take this man dressed
As a man that took this man
So take that damned gasoline
And reach for the knife

The men took their symptoms
So we have little food
And you are fretting and moving about
Detailed matter of inquiry
But no store remote

He needed some backing
So my friend tied me down
The torn piece of rope
Held me in place
Then he tied up my head
To capture my brain

But the fridge door fell open
And he fell towards my neck
And wrapped the piece there instead
I jumped back and kicked him
And ran to the other room
And found a way out
Of the bondage aquired

The dresser dressed prettily
Set tests out in front of me
Made mention of sensors and tests from before
The blessing requested that
Set those let sex that set
Silver and safe for the water before

Send the old sets that say
Send their dear blessing
So silverware settles
And sitting adores

Saying saints set though we are safe
Soldiers were torn as the members of fancy set
The sunshine in setting of gasoline or nightmares
That wrote of the morrow and
The water remarked that he were perfectly poor

And saints walked in pairs across checkerboard floors
The walls became still and they opened the doors
And the light in the attic shone like never before
I stood calm like a martyr
Dressed like a rope
And the cigarette did not smoke
But it hung in my mouth

And dressed like a blessing set
Tests to the lesser man
The man in the house would not leave me alone

Those space that left the oldest request
Blessed and held strong for they show it
If you have blessed dress as I know you have this
Time space or multiple showings

So we take a light breath until
Dressed in the rest or steal
The sense of these sent
And you’ve last requested that as blessed as this home
The curse is the rays of light that are shining

And it is your best guess
That the blessed dress accepts
That not all are quite as blessed
As he dressed as a sheep
Or wolves dressed in bland clothing

As set in their sessions said stop or the others went
Like faith and the home that they know me
Though the blessing incurred is not the one that you heard
It is not like you need this
A man quite like dressed
In clothes that are his best dress
Or the though of this request

They heard a man quite as blessed as
As blessed as this house
And house quite as blessed
As your dressing this tone
And these of those nets that
Hold those in torment
The triumph of one major soil

So a man dressed his best
Claimed to be as blessed as this house
And blessings are best said
That the blessed dress respects those of other blessed dress
And pities the ones that don’t cover
The respect of those of this dress is a blessing I guess
And the dress requested can be no other

So the best thing requested
To run in these walls
Are the requested men
Bring your blessed friends
We are wolves in this sheep clothing

As a test that had words if they needed reserve
And you did not set me in time so I know
I have some dear friends here to take you inside
But you take you husband in a rush
And take test of the love that is strong told their own
Old men that we knew of these homes there’s a chance
Working they sent those old ones to nothingness

So take our request sir and leave this dear house with me
Don’t leave this house with me no
The gold tooth is eliminated
Or when did they go?
Safe men were monsters when the one that were men
Took leave when the lord took their homes that I know
But make sure I have believed
If you leave the man drinking gasoline
You must leave this house with me
Take a dear walk with me
Before the summer is out

And blessed as this watershed
Right in the middle
Never the products or tome
You dressed as a martyr
Or member of salsa
You tidy little symptom
I took you from your friend

The man in the letter
Taste of the insolence
Taste of the martyr he wrote
So the man left his house
The members of fancy
Dressed in the blessing of things that they stole
The blessing that dressed best said
Testing the dice to let
Days take your life he said
Test the dear poltergeist
Claim to a liar’s friend
Tried to be masked if the
Blessing is on my own house

So dressed as my best request
Blessed in the basic set
Bless like a martyr she said
Test in the matter
That didn’t want to blind himself

Torn water marks and alone
And the blessed wrong state of man
I do not deserve you as God
The house left tested and torn

So the best request I dressed like a festive
Old draft of a show that he wrote
So a better man took Naria home
Because the cupboard were moving
And so were the walls
And that checkerboard floor
Looked like water alone


Be like John Lennon. Invent the clock.