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things i think without psychiatric medication:
by jon pelletier (bo sek shen - parialk zeek, hektor mustard, et al. -d, roma - kaizakia)

-the current psychiatric program of canada is really messed up and should be changed drastically. i also believe that i know who i am and if i am not bothering anyone i should be allowed to live according to my own devices. thusly, i have stopped taking the medicine and i am now thinking the thoughts that i should be naturally as a human at this point in history, not being forced to believe the ideals set forth by people who do not give a shit about me, nor this planet, and would like to control people into acting the way they feel they should. i am not, for the record talking about my psychiatrist, psychologist nor any counselors or nurses at mental health (they are nice people trying to help a worried person who may not trust them, it is a stressful job). i am talking about those who decided the system that would be imposed on the oppressed people of north america. these are a people who are unaware they are being tormented and blinded from the realities through the actions of a small group of people who would like the world to themselves, but are not intelligent enough to realize that they would have to build and fix their homes and gadgets, nonetheless work on farms to feed themselves, which by my estimate puts their average IQ at 65 according to common scales and places them far under the disability line, suffering from various afflictions, grandeur, social anxiety, megalomania, psychopathy and mass murder. they are yet to notice that these methods of control have not worked at all on their population, yet use one part of their brains (the verbal communication center is beside it, i’m not sure what it’s called) to try and control their “commoners” through the smoking of crack cocaine, which they themselves smoke in cigars that are illegal in their country. this does not actually give them any power, although their belief of the divine right of kings is about right, because is any trace destiny of these individuals seems to fit, they have been little else but one person at a time murderers for centuries (at least) and got a big hurrah near the end of this planets cycle, which already happened, don’t worry everyone is safe and just like those holy books they have all over the universe say, nice people didn’t blow up the planet and got to stay. i should repeat that although i am sort of talking religously, i am not currently even a priest, i am a police officer from another planet and happen to be the only one on the planet that is doing this. the only other one is one of my best friends and she is only here on vacation. also, as requested i did and did not bring my life-mate, and can often be found fucking myself. (there is another person there, by the way) oh, and it is totally ok to hang out with you dopplegangers, you do those lives one at a time.

-every consciousness is immortal, therefore the linear time of earth is only an agreement by two parties. the only moment is now, although there is a now for every consciousness - which gives time an almost infinite variety. thusly, time travel comes from purity of the soul, mostly because given the opportunity most un-evolved consciousnesses (such as those who seek power) would go around raping people (and do) when they are given the opportunity to stop time. if you kill or commit one of those sins, then you will lose your gifts (enlightenment and immortality) honestly, this is just common knowledge to most, but for the rest, i’m not a prophet, nor angel, nor saint - i am a cop. i work for the intergalactic space police and i am here to arrest a bunch of stupid folks who are commiting genocide. i will henceforth refer to these guys by the name dick cheney, although i mean the various dick cheneys who do not realize they are on stage right now, near the end of a really old and really good calender names dick, bush and colon (although, to his credit, colon backed out a while ago on the third simulation of what became their reality, a topic that will be discussed later or before, depending on how you use the time space continuum.) by the way, lots of those trippy movies are legitimate theories and some of the more far out ones are what people believe. there is life everywhere, that’s what russia thinks, and all you’s guys just don’t know that you are oppressed, you think that the other folks are, but don’t care. that is why you are.

- kids are taught nearly nothing but hogwash in schools, private or public - and this is both due to ignorance to the truths of the universe, and systematic defeat of reason by those in positions where control over the population is beneficial.
eg.) cats, dogs and other animals do not think. (this is genetically untrue and very easily provable by chilling out with a cow.)
eg.2) atlantis is a lost civilization, computers are new and canada thanks the hudson’s bay company and catholic church for their destruction of the first peoples. (this one is pretty easy to figure out, by looking at what was saved as history of atlantis, the ruins under the city of atlanta, georgia, and the state of the northern first nations and their thought training in which they are taught they could not read nor write. more proof silly things done in the name of god are easily found, as it a credible resource for trust and as the proper paranoid would think, some jerks use it.
- another proof for this is that for fourteen years we are reinforced the same history, and nothing regarding canada before 150 years ago is aloud to be taught to children. this is properly footnoted with a mention of proofs of liars known to psychologists overstating things because they really want you to believe it.

- when i sleep i go to another planet and live life as i choose to. this is true for all consciousnesses, it is just unknown to many. it is possible for these last 100 years to be little more than a computer simulation of a future crime - which was then run as a real event, although many of the major players in the simulation backed out, leaving fewer genocidal megalomaniacs, at least. it is possible to time travel while sleeping and live an entire life before coming back to the place that you awake from: that is why many people claim that the world i am currently alive in and have memories of is a dream. strangely enough, it is quite like the movie inception, which is often played over the subliminal message radio signal that (if you hear it) at times will sound like birds when there should be no birds.

- i primarily exist on the planet of kaizakia, coordinates 6.50.488.902-1, where i mostly play music, exercise and eat fresh natural food from gardens. it is quite similar to earth. there are only a few working “space cops” on the planet right now, and we are here only to save these politicians from themselves, yet with all the psychological help in the world, they have not been saved. when the sun turns inside out and the planet begins to rotate in the other direction they will stay, as that is their request and they don’t really know what they are doing. please accept that i have a very different viewpoint of time than most people when i say that this event has already occurred and everything is pretty much how you are currently expecting it to be.

- people experience what they expect to happen. i do suppose that your consciousness has probably existed as long as mine, (i am not certain because i don’t really know that much about the creation of the universe) had learned enough to exist on other plains of reality (sometimes considered other planets, often on earth considered dreams or states of enlightenment caused by meditation). i believe one has to be benevolent to be able to bridge that gap between worlds with the knowledge that we have gone from that side to the other. this is perhaps why people are drugged into submission and taught that we are not allowed to know anything. the mantra that the smartest man who ever existed knew that he knew nothing is both true and false, as most things are. this is for various reasons, easily provable with time travel, but the essence of the notion is that all things happen simultaneously in the present moment. which leads me to accuse everyone of being multidimensional beings and responsible for the troubles of the earth by thinking that they can do whatever they would like in their dreams. this whole document brings me around to sit with those nutty writers that talk about this sort of stuff, all of which have been commonly ostracized by the printers of money, creditors and warmongers who openly admit they would like the citizen population to go away, feel they are better than us and have been openly inbreeding for about 1000 years, which is why they tell people openly they are reptiles from space, which they are not. they are delusional both from drugs (which they sell) and madness (euphoria) cause by guilt from mass murder, which is well documented if you have the proper internet. these methods of control as definitely not working, even though they think they are. most people do not understand these control mechanisms, because of the drugging of foods and beverages and radio frequencies people are told they do not hear.

- nikolai tesla did not die, he just went back to space because the industrialists kept killing him and he was getting frustrated and wanted to work of science projects like a geek.

- my self, bo sek chai shen - hector d’jaberwokie am of a planet of little distinction besides its various monasteries and cool markets and tea shops that i like. i am currently about 27 years away from arriving on earth, but i am also here various times (i would rather not explain this here, but if you all check my mental health records i told the shrinks about two years in my future, as i have just arrived to this planet, which doesn’t make any sense unless i know how to time travel, which i don’t, but i’m asleep right now, so i can do anything.) i was actually requested by dick cheney himself, as i have much maligned my relationship with him i am primarily a psychologist and computer programmer who ran a simulation of his future crimes against humanity. i do feel this is all sort of my fault, as unfortunately dick bush colon decided to become who he was for all posterity, which at least gave us space invaders the chance to save the humans from getting sucked into a black hole to what is basically whatever you don’t want always land. i had no control over his decisions, i just asked him to go back and stop himself after showing him what was going to happen and such, and he just joined forces with his doppleganger. luckily, most of the other people who committed these atrocities served their long jail sentences, or are still serving karmically because as the shaolin know one can only ever harm oneself. this how i am able to be killed on a regular basis and still exist on this planet for the last 27 years without trouble, all while being here, not being here and being asleep on a bed of nails for a few days on a different planet. this is a bit of a leap of faith, but i don’t mind that you don’t believe that i know that i am a dreaming right now.

i should definitely add to this document the righteous confession that i am definitely not a prophet, nor an angel sent to help in this dire situation. if anything, i am lesbian nun who has spent a lot of time playing music while taking psychedelic drugs. i am, although, a working police officer from interpol (the intergalactic police). some people just awoke in their beds because they had a very strange dream. for these people, they would just like to live their lives as they have, and as they are expecting themselves to appear and become.
i repeat, i am definitely not an angel, saint nor prophet, although i was once sainted by the catholic church as nikolos, which then (because the rich and powerful are usually to ones getting in trouble for weird genocidal crimes and stuff, they have really tried hard to make me seem like a bad guy.) saint n. that’s pretty well who dick cheney requested for his war on god, which is silly, because if anything i would like to work for god, but i can’t get to close because i’m pretty much just a cop, computer programmer and psychologist. as such you may of heard of the devil st. nick, dick cheney bet him a hat that he would not be a still around guy at the end of whatever mr cheney was trying to do with this world, and in fact i am, so if you see him, i would like him to give me a hat. oh, and i definitely not like many of those catholic saints, and did not claim to be one, that was just what the catholic church bestowed upon leonardo da vinci, who was really just lost in time and on the wrong planet. anywho...

- on to the hard to hear stuff, these various jerks (bildebergers, NWO, some of pretty well every government, most of the media and whoever else hopped on the bandwagon) were totally only six people, and probably killed you a few times. it is ok. i have had 8 different names claiming to be the same person who i am writing this document as and each was assaniated at least 8 times, which is nuts but these people who are shooting everything and stuff don’t really get it, and that is why they don’t think it’s strange to be called dick, bush and colon and be destroying the world right now. we all know their crimes, so i won’t get into those. the funny thing they proves they are insane is that they do not think we notice they are doing this stuff. my favorite thought is that i choose not to participate in their requests entirely on purpose and therefore i live according to my whims and eat food when i need it and live a happy life having fun and being in a whole bunch of places right now.

- back to the science stuff (mostly physics), time should probably start at some point at zero, you remember, like it did 2000 years ago because everything happens right now, but there is a past and future, time is an agreement between two people. i can go to sleep and go back to the nunnery and hang out for a while, maybe take some classes and then come back and i have only slept a night. everyone can do that stuff and does. how there is only now, yet there is a past and future is a great mystery of the universe for the record and maybe the giants in the other dimension that even we consider angels know the answer to that, but they seem totally pure and stuff and i am still into learning about this crazy old universe that we are hurtling through a massive speeds. every once is a while the earth is totally destroyed because it will smash in to, like i dunno, a space turtle or something and nobody notices because they would like to go back to their world as they know it to be and expect it to be.

- i don’t know anything about scientology. my faith, on this world is called gnostic christianity - which is an acceptance of hinduism and therefore was excommunicated by the catholics church (as a form a control - as most people who are terrified of hell have on remaining chance before their expulsion to that whatever you don’t want always place until they quite destroying, well mostly the poets and minds of whatever and so on... again, this is not what i am here for, i am a cop and from space.) i feel that as far as religion is concerned, we aren’t even really supposed to talk about it because we do not know what god says, nor what his name is, as such two languages will call him the same word in a different accent (yaweh and allah) neither of which i suppose are his/her/it/we/they’s name, and nobody i ever met knows any of that stuff so lets deal with the other things like the speed of light and the reality of what water is, as i can totally breath outside of the space station (nasa knows about us and tells you lies) and it is sort of like being underwater here for many space people, which is why folks see the funny grey men, they are basic space suits. i bet the dolphins have myths about spacemen abducting their best and brightest while they are trying to catch fish to bring home to their family, and i should maybe use this opprtunity to mention the roswell incident: american military shot down poachers who were harvesting humans much in the way people kill rhinos and tigers, because they were considered whatnots and whatever and so forth, but interpol caught those cats and they are currently in jail. anyways, my opinion on faith can be summed up using parts of two songs - if i’m causing no harm it shouldn’t bother you, so let my lay down in the tall grass and let me do my stuff. i also think that because something exists without being made by say, a person, that is enough proof that it should be allowed to exist, which is why intergalatic laws state that no plants are to be made illegal, as many of them are cures for mortal desieses and such, and plus the old eye in the sky (not us) who people figure made everything made that stuff too and i assume likes to smoke pot, like me. i am in no way comparing myself to god, but i figure he likes me at least a bit because i both am totally blessed and kind of cursed in order to learn what i need to at this point in my existence. as i said, i wouldn’t like to discuss to much about faith and should assure that angels were probably here the whole time, and that yep, there are totally also atheists in space. i guess those who don’t believe in god figure that their parents made them, or whatever and anyways, back to the crazy stuff.

-i own a bunch of patents that corporate america have stolen from me, although they own the patent on currency and this is really what got them into this jam in the first place. i don’t really need to get into the patents, but they will come to light eventually and i assure you i am owed a great deal. this is why they assassinate me on a regular basis, but due to the fact that it really doesn’t bother me at all i just continue to exist where i do, mostly because otherwise i wouldn’t really have much to do, and plus you guys didn’t really have the technology to stop them, and as much as i wish it were true, jam band good vibes really aren’t going to go that extra mile when they have tanks and whatnot. i do assure you that they have a button that will blow up the whole world and they push that button regularly and the world continues to exist. the world exists in this way, because of what those wacky earth physicists have proven about the need for an observer for a reality to take place. therefore, as they have pressed this button that they believe will destroy all humanity it either does, in their mind and they are therefore left alone is some sort of oblivion that i assume is maybe a salvidor dali painting, or they remain unsure of their actions and motives, themselves really and they learn that the button doesn’t work and go back to these mazes they call culture and high society. to each their own. i should assure you that you could be born rich right now and just not realize it. it is totally normal, but if you are, could you please share with the poor, there is definitely enough to go around and starvation is really, seriously, logically brought on by the greed of some people. it’s like a grocery store that is filled with food but the family outside is not aloud to have it because they do not have enough tickets. i suggest, out of the good of your heart, please give these folks food, because they are hungry, not whatever thoughts the television and subliminal message machine are telling you they are. also, as far as the war on god, dick cheney, as you requested, i will back out and let you do it the way you know how to. also, one of their charges for crimes against humanity was blood magic, but they don’t know how to do it, do i had the charge dropped. it’s kind of like the jedi’s (as a race) and then people say that they are sith and want to pick a fight, when in fact there really is no sith, so that is sort of a joke to that people when they come here in future moments of now, and i assure you i was told that before i had been assigned to be your (and i hasten to use the word but none other really fits) variousdickcheneys prison psychologist. i also assure you fine people of earth that we totally would have done something earlier, but we were not quite here yet and if you change to much with time travel then the universe gets kind of wacky, but you all know that because of the press.

- fiction is a story about people, non-fiction is the dissection of facts. this does not make either of these classifications true or false. so, for the record i definitely think that visitors from afar have discussed actual events and theories with you guys through the use of film, television, art and literature. as such, and as i am surely aware, everyone is free to think what they like. i know for certain that in writing this document i am going to be approached by someone who cares about me and they will tell me that i need to be drugged and incarcerated in a controlled environment - and my response will be, i have never suggested that for you, and if i am not touching a nerve than you would not want me to go away. you sort of see the predicament, i hope, that any new thought can be said to be the inane ramblings of an absent loon, that i could suffer consequences legally and my rights could easily be taken away through loopholes in laws and malleable judges who listen to their friends. this is why, because i knew these folks were going to try and get rid of anonymity on the internet, i have refrained from doing anything anonymously online. i do, on the other hand, have an admission from higher-ups that they are that group of folks known as anonymous, because someone asked me to crack that case and they shouldn’t have asked me if they didn’t want to me to find out. because this information is classified and a war crime i admit that they assassinate me regularly now, but i suppose if you are living on a another planet running a simulation of this world and spending long hours in a physical body working for space cops, well, space goats fart.

-anywho, time travel is easy, look up the patent for campbell’s mushroom soup, and it’s similar. as it is kind of a riddle and they solved it totally wrong and hilariously, as bo sek shcen can be, (thanks) they were unable to create an object from two non-existant objects and prove that whatever and whatnot, and because they couldn’t solve the riddle they got soup and did not tell people it was poison. then they fed it to citizens, (another crime against humanity), so i changed the riddle a bit and it’s edible, it was just posion for a couple batches...) so no, i will not solve the riddle of bu’s patent for time travel, it’s part of the fun, if you recall, you kind of have to know what’s up be able to do that because what various dick cheney’s do when they can freeze time is commit crimes and rape people, which he did until those “men in black” were arrested. they were, in fact quoted as being “a private corporate army” by those silly inbred folk who believe they deserve the riches and the sick, thirsty and starving - too bad. those folks, well, space prison is so much torment or punishment as rehabilitation and i dunno how long they will be there, but i’m a little bit sick of mr cheney trying to rape me, myself. for the record. by the way, i am totally in another room and only talk to him once in a while - i am currently in the year 2020 as it seemed safe enough to explain the charges and stuff, but i’m not sure when it will be posted to myspace or whatever, it’s not really going to be mainstream press but hopefully someone will publish it, one of my doppelgangers might own a newspaper, who knows.

to be continued...


fictional pause

There was a pause for a moment, while the young man fell ill with the fever of twenty-odd years of requests to die being granted. The notion was asked for, begged for, bargained for and made the appeal of these great minds controlling the machine. As he entered this world, he did not want to go and begged that he would only live a few years. The minds told him that he would have to live long enough to reclaim righteous leadership and intelligent ideas in the world and when he had, he would be allowed to leave if he felt it was for the best. When asked if he wanted to go he told the wise minds that he would like to go to where he belonged and be the person that he truly was, instead of the gracious in kind donation of a synthetic shell that had carried his consciousness for these 27 years.

Although he understood the remarks made towards him, and the repercussions of leaving the world he was currently experiencing - he knew that his fate had been decided by metal shards, mighty blows and the halls of great requiem that would remember his idle age at death in the hollowed halls of fame, and thus - his mission would be a success even though he abided by the requests to refrain from being on stages or profiting from his work.

You see, our hero - who by now is dead because of his work (arguably this position has been omitted to protect the health and safety of those our hero holds dear) - was unable to explain to anyone his official occupation without compromising their safety. He was also not guilty of the laziness that he was charged with, and when this becomes clear, acting as a pious messenger to deliver these papers to legally powerful and segmented or damned men will show itself to not be a treasonous act as sucgh and very much in accordance with his job description. It should also be noted that all legal notifications of service of destructive (or breakable, tonal jammed) documents was made prior to the delivery.

It seemed like an easier way out for those held in secret cabals and doomed resources finally upholding their bargains and endlessly believing that they are the righteous kings, this notion that it is best to spray cancer from airplanes and poison water, or to jam that poison into a group of loosely tied people, our hero included, and let their various corpses hold the secrets that they could not let go. Once again, the criminal party in this document does not understand the processes in which the documents were served, refused to read the documents that were served and/or has an IQ of below 65. So, I leave it to your better judgement to discover the patents that I may or may not have, the mania ingrained in my medical files and the resources that have lifted my part of these conspiracies to the greater good.

Without further ado - my will.

1. As far as whatever i made that is tangible, like art - do something cool with it, like a show or something (make sure all the bands play for free) then mix em up and sell those things for money. Make sure you track those buggers so that they can all come together again and hopefully people will see them in a hundred years and appreciate them.

2. Print everything I even wrote on the computer at least once, copy it if you think it’s good. i’m going to try and do this now, starting with my entire blogs and stuff, one day they will pull the plug, surely and everything on this interweb will be gone. Lots (and i mean freakin’ epochs worth) of handwritten stuff is around in boxes and stacks of paper, much of it will be missing by the time this is read, but the rest of it will be an awesome book, it just needs a few touchups, maybe a plot, some characters - fuck em, give it to max zaitlin and tell him to be creative. whoever else in interested in editing and rewriting those sheets, go ahead, you’ll be able to find me in england somewhere, i’ll be a baby. (look for the one going by mustard or marmalade from jabberwocky, playing in whitby the crim.)

3. i have a heck of a lot of music that is only in digital format, it would be great if that could be somehow saved for all posterity as a physical document or tape.

4. the guitars should all be given cases so they can be mailed to the following addresses:

a) amos o’kane busted acoustic - mail this one to a nunnery in rome, it doesn’t matter which one. attach this will and a book of encouragement, as well as a manwoman nun’s in a dumptruck card that was gifted to the golo. the card can be blank, or signed by whoever is mailing the case (i mean the guy working at the desk at the post office, not you). if no nuns can be found in rome, mail the vatican and ask where the sisters of our service to the holy queen chapel nunnery is, and whatever language they speak at that nunnery, write the note in an illegible hand of gibberish similar to that language. they should get in touch to clarify and send them a book of encouragement and my resume. upon reply send word of my demise and perhaps a gift certificate to get licorice for all the orphans.
b) washburn timbrewood acoustic - this is my most expensive guitar, so please smash it into small pieces and place the pieces around the art show, its better if they go unnoticed, maybe to be complained about by staunch republicans at the show only to seem relevant because they are running in the next city council election, which they will most likely lose, because they tried to be cool instead of who they were. after the show, mail the pieces to those people who complained with a copy of this will, a book of encouragement and any applicable manwoman card.
c) fender bazooki, fender telecaster, fender squire bass - i’d like to keep these, but alas, i am dead - probably for a while, so i’m sure there is an orphanage somewhere that could use them. i’m thinking in LA.
d) 6 string ibanez bass - send this to republican national convention as proof of life beyond the grave. ask a proper rhinoceros like salam henchman of citrus, or cross- examiner delirious robot monkey vampire (xp 107) to deliver it. it is not a threat, just a notion of what could be without these sorts of delicious apple jacks.
e) check the time - write the current time and date here: ____________________
write a letter (or call, it your perogative) to the whitby general hospital in UK, ask if there was someone born at that exact time. if there was send the rest of my guitars to that family and explain, although this is not me reincarnating - i would like my gear to be in that town and they seem like nice people, so they can have it. if there is not a birth at that moment, then ask for a ten minute grace period on either side of that date, or perhaps no-longer consider the difference caused by time-zones.
ie, 2.15 = 2.15, or 2.15 = 10.15 ..... whatever is close, mail the gear to them, amps and all and request that it be kept for sale to a strange person dressed quite as requested by delirious, by now hanged men who asked for jabberwoks. if time travel is possible, and i already am a doppleganger of myself over there, i’ll be called something similar and these folk will be able to find me. if, in fact, a distant relative has had a birth near the time of my death, kindly disregard these instructions and give everything i own to her, including whatever rights rights to all the music and stuff like that garble.

5. otherwise, all rights to everything i have recorded, written, said or decided should be left to mirva and my current family, any kids that fall out of anyone and whatnot until they become public domain. because i’m new at this ‘leaving stuff to myself’ thing. just know that i will be in cahoots with mustard or marmalade, so be mindful of the sudden appearance of someone grey, similar to morrigan, carillon, madeline or something of this tone, some abject resource brought by fish, righteous indignation and irish republican drunkards settling on the main island, nothing like the servant of myths of the shae. it will be more troublesome because of the reality, the quarrels meant for me, the threat of impulse that did not scar me, scare me nor torment me, but allowed me to be ran through without earnest protest.

6. my books (by other authors) can be donated to the conservative party of canada. please send them one a day, with the return address as -
jon pelletier (hector from jabberwock)
the shae, whitey -crim (england)
jab-isl, siren motive.
(this is a letter from whitey the crime)

7. whatever else i’ve got, give to whoever wants it.