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Why We Should Help Others

As a generally self-educated soul, wandering around the Okanagan Valley trying to think of ways to make the world better, I would like to suggest a few ideas to make the Canadian people richer, smarter and happier. That should be the goal of any government, and is (of course) the goal of the Rhinoceros Party. This group is made of people who would like politics to be fun, like golf or some better sport, and those who are just watching us for words like “revolution” and “economic.” Due to the troubles caused by leaders who are looking out for their own self-interest, I would like to make some arguments that will lead to a better world for all. It is a rare economic idea that does not put the initial agent writing it first, but these should be (if all goes according to plan) good ideas that will help the world in general, not just for the Rhinoceros party and it’s supporters.

The first thing we need to do is initiate en-mass an educational program that explains that we have the responsibility to care for others, especially those who are less fortunate than us. People have the idea that they must care for their kind, their family, but do not care and look down upon those who need the help the most. Those people that one sees who are angry or sad are being ruled by fear, meaning they are afraid of the world – a world that should be love-filled and kind to them, but has not been. The world is a large and balanced place, where some are nice and some are mean, but the actual process of politics makes it so that the people who are most self-centered and manipulative become the most powerful people in a democratic nation. The others, those who do not care what other people do, like most of the kind people who seek the idea “live and let live”, and those who are not “determined to be proven correct” enough to gain power never even try to gain power in the world. The cure for this is two-fold, first we must explain to the kind people that those who seek power are generally rotten, and then we must convince the kind people that we will eventually have the power for righteous reasons, because the people of our generation, those raised with infinite knowledge at our fingertips at all times will eventually attain power by the power of eventuality.

Politicians often do not say the philosophically “best” idea when they are trying to get elected. In many books about how to get elected, it is explained that one must say what the people want to hear. This is why the new Trudeau said that he was going to legalize marijuana, and then told us that, “They will not let me.” I found this quote somewhere in the news (which I have not looked up since first reading, because this is the Rhinoceros party group and not an academic paper). The quote says two things; either Justin Trudeau is not the most powerful person in Canada (even though we elected him in order to cause social change and a make our country better and he is our figurehead or leader), or he was just saying what he thought (knew) that my generation wanted to hear.

Either way, there is trouble here. This is a powerful thought, that we can just say what people want to hear, and is something that is proven by every Rhinoceros candidate in the nation. People want to hear us give a coffee and cigarettes stipend so that everyone can afford organic and fair-trade coffee and the good cigarettes, but in reality we will not be able to do that, and that does not matter. Not everyone cares what he or she drinks and smokes. The proof is really in the pudding, so don’t eat it, it is filled with cigarette butts.

The model of populist democracy says that everyone’s vote counts and that everyone has a say in every decision, but this theory is not the way it works in reality, where most of the citizens will have not voted for who is in power, simply because of the math behind the parliamentary system. This is why every decision should be put to a public vote, at a store in every town, or even online. This place could be the center of actual democracy. That way, even if you didn’t vote for the person who got into power, they will be able to poll their constituents and make decisions based on the greatest good for all. The trouble is we must rely of the benevolence of our leaders, a notion that has thus far been far from the reality.

The truth is, if a benevolent person wanted to be in a powerful position he would be eaten up in the shark tank of politics and those looking out for their own self-interest. Some politicians are trying to do well, I’ll admit, but in my realization of self I understand that good, although not entirely relative, is not necessarily the same for every person in a vast and very different world. I have a friend who nearly left Canada when Harper was voted in for a second term, and a cousin who nearly left Canada when he did not win his third term. Both are fine guys to hang out with. I understand that people have different views about what is needed, but I would like to believe that everyone wants the same things. The key to making a good politician is to find out the things that everyone actually wants.

What are the things that all people want? I think it is fair that we can say that all people want, and should have access to three things: food, water and shelter. There are people in this country that can easily give these three things to everyone who does not have them in this country, but they refuse. I understand the argument that people do not always spend the money that we do give them on these things, meaning that some people spend their welfare cheques on booze and drugs and not food, water and shelter. These people are running from their lives, trying to blind themselves from their shitty existence.

It is proven that if you make these people’s lives better, through homes, food and meaningful work, than they will usually quit using the drugs and booze to numb their pain. I have also heard the idea that these people are weak, and are unable to do the things that everyone in the country have to do, so if they refuse to make a difference in their own life, “then fuck ‘em.” I argue this point with the idea that these people are in the need of the most help, and if you can’t see that we are responsible for the well being of the most vulnerable members of our society as well as ourselves, then you are an asshole and I don’t really want to know you. With this “Fuck ‘em” mentality, when we are all in this together, we are actually fucking ourselves, which is not as pleasurable as loving them, and therefore loving ourselves.

I don’t really know what this is supposed to state, and I hope it causes people to think about the things that they are doing to make the world better or worse for all involved. I would like to believe that I am free to do the things I want with love, and thereby will be making the entire world better with that simple gesture, but there is a chance that is not the way that it is. I think the complexities of human relations on a macro scale are so large that they are not only impossible to graph, they would be impossible to get an idea of everyone’s facts in real time so that we could make actual change. This is a problem for people who are trying to make the policies. I think this is what I am trying to gain a vast array of knowledge to be able to solve. So far I want to believe that the cure for the world’s woes is simply to work out of a sense of love and togetherness, without trying to hurt people or separate them into social groups of race, class or any other form of non-hegemony, and definitely trying to help the people who we systematically destroyed and ghettoized in the most traditional sense of the words. The people who are hurting need the most help. They do not need to be sent away, or spat on. These are people, that – there, by the grace of God, goes you. Remember that.

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