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the invisible people

In this place, they say it is England, those invisible people - which I will write about because it feels like an entertaining story... These invisible sorts say that I am actually magic. They say that because I work for the higher spirits, because I work for Jesus, because I work for Jim Henson, because I am this superstar - I should know these things. I should be honest with myself and the world around me. These are perhaps the best cases, these are the world where I am a great sainted leader and learned scholar made for probable cause. I am here because I must be defined as a person who saved Saint Nicholas and stayed with him. I am certain these invisible worlds would make me the grand light in the way, swaying to keep people slow around corners when there are innocent orphans that do not know they should not be jumping into traffic to save their souls. This person I imagine myself to be gives pretty well everything to children that need to be saved by music. I would love to be paid for music and give everything to others who need to learn that there is a light, somewhere above us, and that they can find it through the grace of some being somewhere, who saved me from myself and made me an example of how people should exist. All this can come from giving an orphan a guitar and telling her to never stop playing, because she will become very good at it if she tries.
(just so you know, I have totally been aware of this stuff for years)

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