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in 1864, and 1942 i was both empress of japan and queen of spain with my husband robin hood who was king. this is because these people we oppressed by a sort of weaponry that we had never seen. these people who came to our planet (plant) and said they were gods have a different sort of damnation. they were older than this english girl who was a good enough (famous_) devil satan named morrigan. they thought (or had heard of these two) and the myth we have created about ourselves is a good enough show business act to enlighten a crowd.
the curse of these mortals is a very seperate thing than that of the english scumbag who the note was written to before. he also went to war with god. but i ask these others, if you were to kill us all then who would work pulling diamonds from the earth for you to wear? your entire scheme was one of narcissism, which this native american girl is guilty of. she is aware of that and it hurts that they still will not let me look at myself. i am very beautiful and i hear that from people, sometimes i look at myself and get wet. therefore i am better as a blind surreal artist that other people look at. i don’t know why i see myself, but when i do i am an elemental.

i am a legitimately cursed angel who (for the lies) went to war with my creator. i feel i was made to do this. i still live in perdition because of this. i always work, every day, i am busy and you relentlessly torment me. you steal all my salvidor dali’s, and tell me i don’t know about it. you claim to have raised me and did not want anything to do with me until i was very successful and came to you in a dream and picked a fight. you were religous of your own form, and much older than this universe. you were much older than me or even lucifer (yet older than loki) and you knew it. who always wanted power, and who always dreamed of power, yet had never yet taken the reigns of the devil satan. you wanted war against ynordu. you had it. you killed me lots. yet i remain unable to look at myself and also rather magic, so my husband stays with me.

you killed everyone on the earth 666 times and tormented me endlessly, every moment that you were allowed. i remained painting your hells. the final solution (to kill everyone on last final time) was a strange redux of something that happened when jewish people first got computers on this planet. i legitimately (even with psychiatric medication) work for god.

why would endlessly torment someone who owns your soul and say her and her long distance friends die in the media when we legitimately do not? 
nobody ever dies. it is why killing everyone over and over again is not getting rid of your problem. it is why tormenting and torturing and trapping people does not get over your problem. it is that a blind man i do not know wrote me and told me that he thinks everyone in this perdition (whitby) has been tormented and trapped by those people who think they are powerful and try to control our thoughts by torturing wisps (faeries). thankfully the faeries are allowing themselves to be tormented by you and could have left at any moment as they are wisps. certainly you are old and from another universe, but so am i. i have been english since i met john lennon and we started ween. that is why whitby (english person) perdition has a canadian in it. it is a world that blind people see eachother in. you are very strange to have been forced to act like this. i believe it was on your own volition. 
why did you torture me so, various anti-christ?
morrigan owns your soul.

-hector berlioz of the band jabberwocky

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