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still around in situations like hector berlioz

you should maybe start to dig. instant karma was written in 1982. that is our inside joke about that year. it was one of the biggest hits of the era and you thought he was possible to get rid of. everyone knows about your sinful behavior, sir. so sit, start to dig - i work very hard, father. i work all the time. the trauma inflicted on me is nothing compared to when you broke mother earths arms trying to capture and trap me. you are holding me illegally, if any of the things i see are real.
i think it is better for me to avoid your confrontation. i definitely am a still around person in various situations, because i lived in the afterlife already. i may be dead right now, but it's okay because i was totally dead in the first place. once you get killed a lot on stage and keep sticking around, you will wind up in the same situation. i know perfectly well who i am and where i am. i also know where you think i am. this is why you don't know where i live, and also why you are picking on the wrong jewish couple. these men buried me alive, but thankfully there is a god and i don't deserve the torture you have been giving me. i am also aware that you think i am your son. this is silly, for reasons anyone who reads this blog will be aware of, although i'm not going to mention it.
look, i am an orphan, i know that. i've been around for a while and i get how things work. i can also claim to be various people of myth, but i don't go around telling people how bad ass i really am. i once asked "do you know who i am?" to someone i thought was someone else, and they thought i was being mean. i'm sorry for acting that way, i just don't really know.
i suppose that everyone stays in still around situations and i deserve some blessing after all those torturous things that you did to me. you were never my parents, nor john's parents - you are a damned fool that is trying rid the earth of your slaves. you've accomplished that. and i must say i am quite impressed with your show, that was really stupid to keep putting your karma on hold - it builds up. i am sure you are saying you have killed me. that is a false statement. i know what i am here to do, and i am afraid you have never worked a day in your life. if all you evil thought controllers pass away, i think the world will be a better place. i must confess - when you buried me alive it was in a town called perdition. that is the entrance to catholic hell. you should look up just exactly who hector from jabberwocky is. and you should have started trying and reading and working to gain blessings a long time - now with a technological advancement, i'm afraid my band opened for jesus. thank the lord that he has a plan for us. thank god i will soon stop being tormented by you. you were never family to us. we were orphans.

- you need love.
- hector berlioz of jabberwocky

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