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Shawn Casey: By Jon Pelletier

Trying to freelance one time, I got asked to write seven quick articles about Shawn Casey. I was never paid, so I put them on my blog. I don't know anything about this guy, honestly. I was just trying to make a buck.

Tips for Online Marketing, Brought To Us By an Expert:

If a lot of time has gone into your website, yet you still cannot find the results you hoped for, you need the help of Shawn Casey. His successful career as an entrepreneur, attorney, publisher, author and teacher has brought him an incredible resume and us some great advice. He is very willing to share the secrets that has let his startup media company Mining Gold Corporation earn him $30 million since 1999. He shares this by teaching exclusive classes and through his short and wise blog posts. His experiences have helped over 113 000 people in 119 countries reach their online marketing goals.

In 1995 he was given an opportunity to become CEO and President of Success Development International. With his guidance, SDI was named to Inc. Magazine’s highly regarded Inc. 500 list of the quickest growing private companies in America two times. And he is giving his advice away for free!

His blog can be found at

Successful Media Man Makes Time For the Little Guy:

Online marketing guru Shawn Casey can explain how to market a website to get the best possible results. And time is of the essence, as we all hope for the best possible results for our efforts. His tips can be found at His websites include brief summarizations regarding how to build a stronger recipients lists, how to get much more traffic to your website, the law of attraction, Internet marketing, domain investing and personal development.

Since 1999, Shawn Casey has sold more than $30 million of his top of the line media products and services. His job is to share his knowledge and help his clients start and grow their own online business. Mr. Casey has a tremendous resume including founder and CEO of Mining Gold Corporation, which provides premier media products and continues with experiences as an attorney, publisher, author and teacher.

His experiences give him rare qualifications to help upstart companies reach their goals.

The True Potential of People on the Internet:

Shawn Casey is a successful self-made millionaire, famous for taking inquiring minds through step-by-step processes to succeed on the Internet with a home business. He does wild promotional activities, like in 2007, when he was giving away $500 “business in a box” software. Mr. Casey is renowned for promoting joint ventures, a common business practice that has served him well in his years. His writing also discusses recipient lists, gaining traffic to a website, the law of attraction, Internet marketing, domain investing and personal development.

A person similar to us, Shawn Casey has a wife and three daughters. He is an avid golfer and enjoys playing guitar. He visualizes his accomplishments. The favorite part of his job is helping people succeed in achieving their goals. The difference between him and most people is that Shawn Casey makes $600 000 on a good week at the office. The good news is he is willing to teach us how.

Be Careful of Sharks Under the Internet:

A victim of a scam reported to that after signing up for Shawn Casey’s “No Limits – No Excuses Internet Apprentice Program,” which was to include a 12-month program of coaching sessions and the promise of getting rich within 60 days. The victim claims to have paid $7986 up front for nothing. The victim furthers the report by saying an automated voice was convincing enough to make her record an automated message.

After two months of trying to log on to the website, a victim who claims to be very computer literate tells a tale of setting up the “Money Tree” websites that were paid for, to no avail. The website itself did not work. She demanded a refund and got lucky, because she did not open the packages that were sent to her. The packages she was sent were said to be her free bonus materials, listed as non-refundable and worth nearly $7986, what she paid for the scam to begin with.

They’ll Take Your Money – Mining Gold Corporation

Many people received an email from Shawn Casey at Mining Gold Corporation regarding the release of his $497 “Internet Business-In-A-Box.” It claimed on the website to be a multi-media training course teaching the client how to make a fortune on the Internet in 60 days. Of course, this may not have come in to your inbox as some e-mail hosts list mail from Shawn Casey as spam.

A victim of the scam reported to that after signing up for the “No Limits – No Excuses Internet Apprentice Program,” which was to include a 12-month program of coaching sessions. The victim claims the first call asked for her to invest more money than she had already sent in order to get started. She continued with the program, only to record a message that would ask others to sign up for the program and make money. She claims she paid $7986 up front for nothing.

Get Rich Quick – An Important Idea to Avoid

Shawn Casey in a well-known Internet marketing expert, multi-millionaire and bright individual, but is he a scam artist? Some may say that his products don’t work and his business is a true hustle, there to take the money and run. The key is that he doesn’t sugar coat his techniques.

His philosophy is one taking the western world by storm. The theory is that one just has to visualize the money coming in and it will. It is a matter of attitude. But Shawn Casey’s track record proves that he will endorse almost any product that he sees an opportunity to exploit. Can you really trust anyone who endorses anything just for money? There are many complaints regarding his practices, nearly as well documented as the pro-Casey work he is accused of planting on the Internet to continue his scams.

Shawn Casey promises he can tell you how to get rich quick. This is a refrain that has been known as a surefire scam alert for many, many years.

The Wisdom of a Life Marketing Media:

Shawn Casey would like to tell you something. “List building,” he writes, “Is – without a doubt- the most important thing you can do to build a profitable and successful business.” And he should know, since 1999 Shawn Casey has sold more than $30 million of his premier media services and products acting now as the founder and CEO of Mining Gold Corporation. He continues to explain that it is essential for a startup company to build a list of subscribers.

His Internet marketing blog also explains many tactics for getting traffic to your website. This is one of the more difficult aspects of building a web-based company. There are many sites online. He recommends interacting with people by using sites like Facebook and Twitter, writing articles that have proper search engine optimization, commenting on other blogs and paying for adds to drive traffic towards your product. You have put a lot of time into your website, why not get the results you deserve?

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