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Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Life Insurance, From a Guy You Don't Want to Hear From Again.

This is article writing that I did not get paid for.
Jon Pelletier

We Have Many Options - Perhaps it is Best to Take the Most Secure:

The RBC Life Insurance Company provides a very important way to protect a family. It is very simple plan that can result in ones beneficiaries living with a tax-free benefit upon ones death. The money can do many things for them including paying for education, paying off debts and covering the expenses of a funeral.

Many people have employer-provided plans, but these can be insufficient to fund the beneficiary’s lifestyle. This coverage also may not continue if the job is lost. There are also stories of companies taking the entire worth of a life insurance policy and keeping it for their own uses. This can be a hurtful reality that haunts a family long after the pain of bereavement is gone. A simple way around these issues is to purchase your life insurance from a bank, such as the Royal Bank of Canada.

RBC Insurance provides affordable life insurance that is custom fitted to suit your personal budget, lifestyle and needs at all times throughout your life and offers the possibility to change ones plan as situations improve or decline. They offer four options to suit the customer’s needs: Term life insurance, permanent life insurance, universal life insurance and personal accident insurance. All of these provide security to a family so the breadwinners do not have to worry about what their children would eat without them.

With life insurance from the Royal Bank of Canada, the customer can feel sure that there is strength, stability and prowess behind their decision. RBC is a substantial group of insurance companies, in fact, it is the largest group own by a bank in Canada.

The Possibility of a Kind and Generous Empire:

American Home Life Insurance Company is a mutual company that is owned by the policy owners, not stockholders and corporate people. They are licenced to do business in 24 states providing individual life and annuity products. The company was incorporated in 1909 with the intention of serving Kansas, and it did so until 1912 when it merged with American Mutual Life Insurance Company and assumed the name “American Home Life Insurance Company.”

Since then, they have increased in size and innovated many concepts, while providing efficient, courteous and effective service to everyone who works for the company and those that provide the companies bottom line.

Because it is a mutual company the policyholders, who have a say in how the company is run, pay the sales force. The cash is reserved and paid out, as it would be in any insurance company. The company has over $1.6 billion in life insurance policies in active duty and over $164 million under management. Over the years they have provided of $192 million to beneficiaries and policyholders.

American Home Life Insurance Company is one of America’s most trusted companies. It caters to the needs of the common people, although it is one of the largest insurance providers. It is possible that they have created their image as such a positive one, but it is difficult to find negative information regarding them. This is most likely a sign of a reasonable and very kind company. The possibility of this company losing its assets and turning belly-up is very low, as it has a long history and a large number of people paying in to the mutual insurance company.

Is It Best to Go With the Giant On This One?

Genworth Life and Health Insurance Company is an insurance provider that is now called Genworth Financial. They now specialize in helping people attain peace of mind and bring their dreams to reality. It is important to protect one’s loved ones, especially if you are the primary supporter and caregiver, paying the bills and owning the home. Life is a fickle thing, that doesn’t last long enough some times, and Genworth provides a service that can let you sleep at night knowing that your dependents will be taken care of once you have shed your mortal coil.

Genworth wrote their first policy in 1871 as the Life Insurance Company of Virginia and since that day have been committed to providing a helping hand towards security and financial freedom. They are a publicly traded global financial security company that holds upwards of $100 billion in assets. They have a place in over 25 companies. They are a Fortune 500 company and ranked in Standard & Poor’s Index of Leading US Companies. They are doing very well in insurance.

They work with distribution partners worldwide and pride themselves on their employees, who apply skills and dedication to bring positive change to an uncertain world. They explain that the greatest asset to ones financial plan is a simple life insurance policy, as it will protect those dearest to their client in time of utmost crisis and pain. This is the key behind any life insurance agency, though Genworth may be the best option due to the company’s vast size and corporate power.

Award Winning Option in Low Cost Life Insurance:

The Jefferson National Life Insurance Company has been doing business since 1937 when they were founded in Texas, USA. They are now headquartered in Louisville, KY. They have vast experience offing life insurance and long-term investment products to 49 states and D.C. They have a successful history of providing low-overhead and simple term insurance and are very proud to have remade the variable annuity industry with their innovative products such as Monument Advisor.

Although they are a low cost life insurance provider, they have amassed a fortune over their 70-year history. Their assets are listed at $1.3 billion, while their available capital is worth $5 million and they run a net surplus of $18.3 million. They pride themselves on having strong capital, a large amount of cash in statutory reserves and a high quality investment portfolio.

Jefferson National was recently named a finalist in the 2011 Stevie® Awards for sales and customer service. This is following 15 top awards in 2010, starting with two “Leader Awards” from the Summit Emerging Media Awards.

One of the reasons Jefferson National is able to provide low-cost product solutions to customers is because they have developed a totally automated process for helping clients and their consultants. This revolutionary technology provides account information, client statements, financial planning tools, online modeling tools and many customer allocation tools. The staff at Jefferson Financial consists of wise and seasoned financial experts. They look specifically for those people who have a wealth of experience in finance to provide their support and service.

A Brief History of A Large Insurance Group:

The American Public Life Insurance Group is a member of the American Fidelity Group. They understand that life cannot always be the way it is expected and sometimes the ups are as common as the downs. It is why they offer many products in the life supplemental health insurance genre. Going through times of hardship is difficult. If the person has a series of dependent children or elders who need them to provide monetary support, a place to live or care they must take the time to provide security for themselves. This is what life insurance is for. Benefits paid by the American Public Life Insurance Group will help pay many out-of-pocket expenses that add up when accident or illness take the client away. It is a dark trade, but one that is utterly needed.

They provide many life insurance options, which include permanent, term, children’s, accident only and insurances specific to various diseases or ailments. Although it is impossible to emotionally compensate for a loss with the payment of money, it is important that the death of a loved one does not result in huge payments and massive debt loads. Some of the better features of their permanent life insurance policy are that the rates are guaranteed not to increase, that there is a guaranteed level death benefit to age 100, your investment will accumulate with time and they provide nicotine and non-nicotine rates.

The American Public Lie Insurance Company was founded in 1945 with offices in Missouri and Oklahoma. They are now licenced to do business in 49 states and the District of Columbia. For many years they focused of work insurance, giving the client the ability to add coverage they would not otherwise have to their basic insurance plan.

One of Many Options in the Competitive World of Life Insurance:

The Combined Life Insurance Company of New York provides supplemental insurance in the United States of America. Supplemental insurance is additional insurance upon your current plan that helps the client purchase things that standard insurance doesn’t cover. There are many people that do not have the insurance they need to provide for their loved ones if tragedy strikes and they are gone.

The Combined Life Insurance Company of New York website explains five basic tenets that about the ways they will protect their clients and their families. They provide the client first with peace of mind benefits that will help pay for expenses regarding the death of the client and any left over mortgage and debt payments. This money can be very helpful to those that have taken time off of work to help a dieing relative.

They provide “whole life protection” up until their client is age 100. The insurance comes into effect the second or third year that the policy is in action. So if one is accepted to one of the coverage plans by the Combined Life Insurance Company of New York and live past 100 years of age they believe that you long life is special enough to characterize the lack of coverage for your aging or now retired descendents, that should have their lives together and life insurance plans of their own by now.

If this company’s insurance plan covers one, they can gain their benefits while they are still living if one goes through the process of requesting them. There is also an optional accidental death benefit plan that is available if the person is younger than 65. This pays double.

Providing Solid Customer Support Is a Bonus:

American Medical Security Life Insurance provides flexible insurance policies for many Americans and claim that every day more people are turning to them for coverage. They pride themselves of being adaptable and competitive and are efficiently serving America through independent brokers and quality health-care providers. The company was rated “Excellent” by A.M. Best in 2006 based on their financial and operation performance.

This company came into being when American Medical Security Inc and United Wisconsin Life Insurance Company became one entity. AMS is a stock based company incorporated in 1966. It is located in Green Bay, Wisconson, USA. It provides life insurance coverage for more than 259 000 members. The beneficial nature of life insurance explains that the customer must be aware of the causes and beliefs of their insurance provider. The key is finding what is necessary. If one does not understand the coverage they can become lost in the creative and confusing wording of legal documents.

In 2001 AMS implemented a partnership with the Pivotal Healthcare Demand Chain Network Solution Suite, which leverages proven prowess providing global eBusiness infrastructure to AMS to enable the company to maximize revenues and improve customer retention. Using this program AMS is able to merge the capabilities of customer relationship management, web-based selling, eMarketing and eService into a streamlined concept to speed up online agent support and services. This allowed the company to once again become a proven leader in the industry by caring for their customers in a faithful and direct way.

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