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Marketing Team Evaluation:

Our marketing team is gaining a tremendous education regarding important marketing concepts. It has been fun reading the business plans and analyses regarding Pepsi-Co and the Frito-Lay Corporation. It has given us a positive outlook towards corporate America as one can easily reason that with consumer demand for environmental action and care the monolithic corporations that have integrated their products into our day to day lives will begin to make necessary changes for the continuation of our planet. Their motive is their bottom line and consumer power indicates that the more we demand responsibility the more they will be responsible, because people like thinking that eating a bag of chips will save the world.

This is an important life lesson, one of many our team has learned while working together. Although we sometimes discuss other topics, we have been able to do the assigned work properly. We understand that it is our team that is important to the success of our individual work, so we have helped each other in other areas of the class as well.

Our project will be a shining example of completion, concentration, cooperation and conscious minds. Our group can rest peacefully with minds that know the concerns of people aimlessly bickering and nagging are not ours. We are both in school as mature students, aiming at education, not a state of hitting the metaphoric snooze alarm, and this allows us to bring our full value to the table. It creates a team that is ready to take on the world, starting with a marketing class finishing with a trade show presentation.

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