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PART 19:
Richard Channing was in his comfy chair when his roommate arrived, although he had no roommate. The tone was a hushed whisper, “Before I think to leave and travel.” His room mate said hello.
Richard glanced to his side mirror. He sold more money that day than he knew. He was no mere drug dealer, he was a world leader. Our hero loves and before the mightiest sword drawn would be his peoples. This was his true purpose.

Our hero began to ramble. “I am not the beginning of the old world. I have no remark that let them. Let the man have nothing. That is my counter remark. And let the old heathens be lit. If they never marked nothing, they would soldier on as old sorts. They had nothing to lose. The marked men who felt they met the old reason they the marked suits,” Richard heralded.

His roommate asked an awkward man to clarify.
Instead of replying he felt his old typewriter and wondered about it’s previous typist. It was a moment of reason but Richard mentioned, “Washed and marketed to a fool. The old nevermore that took the crows, sir.” But Rick Channing smiled and moved his fingers to type.

The roommate had won.

He won because heaven was waiting for the traveling few. They may not need these people who run away from the room. But he knew it was not that. And the toad knew that too, even third party members out in the hallway played our dear hero the blues.

“I would call on him, my friend,” The roommate said softly, but the remark fell on Dick Cheney’s deaf ears and he replied, “This man belongs in a world for himself.”

This was an odd moment for a man of Richard’s caliber. He would one day be people’s idol. He would be a man that people could look up to and trust. People would follow his will and dance with a traditional sin. And he liked these traits of this man. Richard was not typing and was once again entranced with the Toad’s presence.

“Do you want a cigarette?” Rick asked.
“No I never have one first thing in the morning.”
“A cry is the way to be here every morn, sir.”
Richard laughed and clasped his hands.
The voice continued, “She has left an open wound that needs men of mind and words. You have none though, Richard. Where are your words?”
“Maybe his error was he quit telling lies. That poor woman, she knows nothing of men.”
“Those are no words, Richard.”
“But it is at your request. So please stand and back up. I am a man who has just finally won that thing and may I mention I’ve seen the ghost. You haven’t seen the ghost, Toad.”
“Your ghetto has been awakened in the wee hours. But I will only ask you this once, would you rather destroy Festin or the other worlds? He never acted as if this negative spirit scared him. You grabbed at this woman and fought with her arms. She struggled for a moment and he her for the last dance of the morning, Rick.”
The coffee machine sputtered in the background and an androgynous roommate laughed at Richard’s groan.

“They never had no ghost tour that knew the old and retro was a train,” he said, “I have never done that before. Maybe if he struggled more with the smaller grounds. They would all become much smaller then. We could grow stronger. We could move a little further ahead and into this new technology.”
“But I am not interested in new inventions.”
“Well now you have smoked the cigarettes.” Rick told a shocked roommate.
“I guess not,” The voice replied.
Richard continued, “And when I brushed her bangs back with a strong hand, in a gesture that was synonymous with music. I played her out of her hat. The big band put me in the mood for hard Jack Daniels. I felt that I looked like a middleman for somebody. It was a feeling I never had before. That was the time I stroked my first good looking woman, Toad.”
“Did you kiss her goodnight?”
“She decided not to kiss me that night when I left. Her breath was gross or something, I dunno.”
“And your life would go on forever in this specific series of events. So we suppose you have channeled energy from somewhere. Sometimes it’s a young girl forced to make breakfast for you, sometimes not. You will one day see it. He was a man from our persuasion. He was a man like you who had these ladies held tightly.”

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