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Craft History Ch 103
Four Basic Domains of Material Objects

1. Ancestral – heirlooms
The old violin sits idly in a leather case. The case has deep red plush interior but is covered in a think layer of dust, as it has only been open twice in twenty years. The strings are ragged and have a thin layer of fuzz on them. Every few inches the catgut slips in a sharp line out the side of the strings. The wood below them is finished in a dark brown coating. It is deeply covered in this varnish. It is cut like a small violin, with a light cut in the middle of the body. The bow is long but the horsehair is frayed. It was hand made in Canada in my grandfather’s era. He passed away in 1986. The violin was probably built by hand in a small shop in the Edmonton area in the early 1950s. The violin is simply fragile. It hasn’t been touched in twenty years. Either set of strings might break if they are pulled together. The dust also alludes to this idea.

2. Bestowal or Exchange – social and familial / religious and temporal
There is a three-foot high statue of Shiva that was sold as a cheap forgery to my father about ten years ago. He bought it on eBay and once it arrived we took it out and it was a cheap forgery of the forgery it was sold as. It is black and stands on a square pedestal carved like a master. The numerous heads are stacked atop a small frame and the many arms stick out off the side, hooked together. The left set of arms is broken and varnished over as if it was made of stone. But it has been broken again and one can now see its true nature. It is made of plaster and metal wire as so to look broken and weathered with age in the photographs. It was sold at a reasonable price, about fifty dollars. The statue is an interesting piece in need of minor repair. It has an aesthetic quality of dignity or stature in life. Without seeing the ceramic and wire and plaster, it appears to be a true forgery from 1849. I believe this piece of art is a joke. The decorative properties of Shiva symbolize the eternalness of the moment while the artist is laughing because he was able to sell a forgery as a forgery online.

3. Political – Authority/Investiture/Rulership
I have an old orange t-shirt from Shambala. It signified my authority as a sober person at the music festival. Drugs of all measures circled around me. It is 100 percent cotton and dyed bright orange. The music festival’s logo is about located on the left breast of the shirt. On the back and in larger black lettering the word “Staff” is incredibly apparent. The shirt was perhaps made the same way any shirt of Canadian origin is made. The production of t-shirts is a largely automated process. The fabric is cut in to the shape of the front and back and it is sewn up the side. The neckline and sleeves are then added to the shirt to give it the final look. The t-shirt is very loud in order to attract the attention of the partygoers in need of a sober mind. This is a responsibility that was necessary to uphold. It seems to be the only symbol of authority I can find in my home.

4. Domestic Tools – Functional Tools
There is a garden hand shovel that was gifted to me as a going away present. It has a light maple handle that was about two feet long. In the end it is only about an inch round. The metal spade is wrapped around the thinner end of the long maple shaft. The spade is hammered into a thin yet durable end. Then it was polished to a shiny silver surface and eventually sold to the Princess Auto Corporation. This is evident by the sticker that is stuck to the shaft in a makeshift fashion. The handle was surely machine carved from a log. The spade was surely shaped by a large wheeled machine rolling back and forth over the cut metal to make the end sharper. The aesthetic quality this material object has is a glimmer or shine. The spade and handle both shine with the reflection of any wandering light source. This gives an impression the tool is new and yet to be used.

The Government fed me drugs so I took more. There is something crooked about that system. The issue lay in the pomegranates unique qualities and the hotel room that I couldn’t leave. They were scared minds and bad trips, horrid notice and blasted foreign days that should not be remembered. Now there is little except Schizophrenia and the notice for Dr. David Suzuki. I agree begrudgingly with the “Downside of High.” But those trips will happen to most anyone. The trick is to fall asleep trying.

The government drugs take longer to work but I thought they had the same effect. The night seemed so young but I shouldn’t have taken them. This is from the lighter effects on Vietnam Veterans. I am nothing of that sort. My life has obviously been one of delusions of grandeur and hopeless mornings wondering what I am going to do with my day. If I did more, I wouldn’t have the thoughts that I was this world’s hero.

But when I was younger the government fed me drugs, told me I had to take them and they made me dizzy and sleepy. They were psychoactive pills that changed my perspectives on things. They helped, but that fed my drug use. I took different forms of psychoactive medicine and even found different ways of ingesting my prescription medicine. This was more fun because it wasn’t allowed. Things were strange in those years and I loved all the drugs, the whole slew of them.

I burned out and quit hard drugs by 21. I fell back into them sometimes and hurt myself but never too badly before I quit. But I feel resentment towards the people who initially prescribed my particular mind with heavy psychoactive chemicals. Maybe it was my own decision and this is my vented regret for taking them. Or Maybe I would have lived without the prescription pills had I stayed away from street drugs. Or maybe I would have lived a happy and healthy life without smoking. I have grown up quite a bit in the last year as I just recently turned 25.

I wonder if Dr. Suzuki has ever noted the wonder and absolute manifestation of strange events and series that happens when one is in a manic state. Right there is some magical stuff. What a wondrous world filled with endless possibilities it is. All the scenes fade into some delusion of past live regression and existential angst that is suppressed and unwilling to show itself. You think you are hanging with the true royalty. And I’m sure I was. I think that is how they have parties.
They do them at the psychiatry ward.

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