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a nice long hot bath

I do not do this. The not don’t take them. The mindful ninja always learns from battle. I said to the servant. The name of the servant was Rico. He had silverware in his pocket. The guest was a boring and alternative person. The needle was just a palace location and mortar was fired in stable old low draft rooms with white curtains. The normal is breached and they find themselves standing knee deep in water.

So I summon a Saint. I believe this is okay because the leaders of the home world were easy to please. All one had to do was sit and talk. Everyone else was famous. The others were replaced as Motorhead on CBC. I am not Lemmy from Motorhead. I never have claimed to be. The partial token was resourceful and I strode tall into the room. The needles have taken their tole.

The residence was submitted as a partial consequential pass or play towards their ulcers. It was good to sit and think about the move I am to make. I decided to say null. This does as much as it could until they pressured me. I hadn’t learned more than the water said or the jesters took toil and woe for their mortar. The clay that marked the sidewalk. That is all she said.

So did the master serve his fireball? No not in that world. Stay away from liars and thieves because the master said nothing. "Former detergent salesman,” I said, passing the chips. Tomorrow we have the different disaster. The soldiers marching will be a nice sound. The drummer is meant to play his song.

They called massive tank towards the mighty syndrome of social norms. The never and fitting drafted doorman was a social code of haunted and symbiotic desires. The leader held the whole world up for the rafts and drafts are haunting my psyche. I am afraid of these people. They step in and walk all over me.

The way the seconds tick I’m fucking up the preamp. It is the way the mountains crash into the sea. I phone in much hostile waistcoat freedom and his mental way.
He chose to smoke weed every day so his mind was littered with lies. He told himself that they could be sovereign and knew the little marks on paper.

They suggested he was king. He did not read the paper. He settled in like an average monk and pulled his hair out. It was long and when it came down he roped braids and told of men satyrs and illusions. These divorced his social normalcy. The credited are Mormon missionaries who invested a lot in fear of an outsider. He lived in a grand world that settled on his pin that God wanted him to be a Good Man.

He recited a statement that served his own papers or settled a servitude and faith with the lord. He chose to take a trembling hand that was scared and not used to what the leader was doing. This caused revolt amongst his people.

And all I writer can do is settle in to a very nice long hot bath.

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