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The key to being cool, Dick Cheney Figured, was to be a little badass. And a philosopher said, “I think therefore I am.” That thought was first studied under Descartes.
I believe, as liars and saints
That we the people
Only have eyes for you
I am a product of my television and that is why Coca-Cola is a product for me.
I also believe that the only reason I took street drugs was because people I figured worked for the Government prescribed my medication for a fright I had one year. I considered that I was much older and I needed to take the American Presidents soul. It was odd because it was as if God was telling me that was what I needed to do for the world. I remember believing in these odd and epic dreams that included rushing over in a dream to help with people at 9/11. One was in a post-apocalyptic New York City and it felt like I had a mission to find my wife. When I found her she was old and happy with her life. The memory suggests that I also found my brother and I remember the ending like an odd statement. I was flying a rocket ship and there was a woman with a gun. She was singing an old French song when she committed suicide.

Then I denied for a number of years that I had mental illness. There was an odd event in the past was a lie. This is more for myself than anyone. The childhood marked with odd minds of haunting and direct flight. The water marked social circles stated their name.

The results were on fire. There was nobody standing there and the whole world of light.
I had no sandals. This was because I did not work. I was scared and the whole world took his statement as a mark but I was of the belief of the chemicals that made a man write and the many old writers and painters who partook in Absinthe and the tree of life. These men were my heroes and I took the prescription. I slept until I noticed I hadn’t a friend in the world. This was a shame because I still had only three people I really encountered. Street drugs were available and I took them because I thought the people that were on them were on them for the same reasons as me. Genuinely they were not. Not at that point in my life. I was an unsung hero, writing work of the curse of the Christ complex. That witch had cursed me. Why do they fight in my head?

The story on CBC is of a jazz musician. He is schizophrenic and is speaking of the demons in his head. I fear that I have become like that rather cautiously, though I write of it often. So I should transpose some advice I was given, “They say wisdom comes with age, but fortunately Beavis and Butt-head don’t grow any older.” Hume says that “Errors in religion are dangerous, those in philosophy only ridiculous.”

Immanuel Kant, from Germany, says, “ Two things fill my mind with ever increasing wonder and awe, the starry heavens above me and the moral law within me.” This says he was a man who lived his life in a precise routine. Also from Germany came Hegel. He believed that “All knowledge is human knowledge.”

Communications is the study of how meaning is made in a range of contexts.
So I should go back to school. The best way to get by as a writer is to get a full time position in a community of writers. These courses will teach me how to do this. The women that want to help me will because that is what they want to do with their time.

I have done so much wrong that I have luck in my life. This is no serious command of time, just as most of these phrases can be dissertated. The balance of the universe is apparent it many forms. This is just one of those balances. If one tries to explain that every force has an equal and opposite reaction then I assume that most of what is sent will pause and laugh for a moment. That is not to say that the dissertation is depressing but to consider that the typing in this room is creating waves on the other side of the ocean, or at least my movement is like all movement and is a part of the commune that this magnet that we live on should be. We all influence the world in everything we do. The question I am faced with is karmic in nature. Do I draw people towards my space with my actions? This opens this debate to the metaphysical.

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