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I built the Statue of Liberty in 1967 and it is meant to inspire women everywhere to hold the flame high above their heads. The remarkable resemblance to the Lady of Shalot is intentional. I build the statue with one other person and the city of New York has never paid us. They claim the statue was a gift from France. We maintain that we were commissioned. Here by I continue to lie.
The joke is a lie. This could end anyone's career.
A lie is not a joke. I see.
The paradox of a joke being a lie has decommissioned me. It was the very reason that I sought psychiatric help.
This has been a funny joke.
Which ruined the joke.
And then again, it seems to have gotten worse.
And two men need their payment from New York. That is the option we are given. The press pass I hold says that I can effect people who read my material. The opinion is in the hands of the recipient of such a message. I record nearly everything I do. Maybe two men will get paid from New York.
On the plus side, the City did give us sandwiches on the first Thursday.
They were also helpful with some of the grout near the end of our endevor.

So, perhaps I invented something. This was mentioned by a little girl I could finally see. She was far away at first. It is not a cure for anything, I would not recommend driving an automobile while using it.
I feel my life has been leading up to it and I have said too much. The patent began pending today.
I am thinking that this questioning of myself by the media may ensure that someone else had gotten to the patent office first. It is a possibility as many things have been invented twice.
I have invented before. That is why I have the time to write and play music.
I think if anything the computer helped the symptoms of blind as a generic malaise. I learned recently that images from the computer are important to those who read braille. This video explained that much of what was taught through books is available to the blind with computers.
This image is shown clearly to blind people machine... It exists already.
This is just an advancement in that science, which makes my nerves feel better.

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