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everyone hates papparazi

The terms were set in gold standard. The harmful effects of smoke were blatantly overused in the common media. It is not, for all extensive purposes, illegal for the former to smoke. The morning regiment of these ailments include various prescriptions that are bought at the pharmacy yet not listed as anything other than the drugs they are. It is silly, he states, that blind men can smoke but most are not allowed. The funny drugs that he takes no longer get him high. They never have, nor will they ever affect our hero like they do most. This is a perk of being an adrenochrome victim.
The common militant feminist comments that he obscenely makes in songs that describe his undying love for a vice are the best and most dubious of all these marks. This is hard to make sense of yet the best thing that happened to him is the love of a woman who filled his attachment syndrome. A moment of schizophrenia, caused by the strange childhood he made an invisible argument that his wife understood. It appeared he felt that she would leave him and this stained his repute but most of all made legal matters worse for his newly born twins.
The issue laid not in his parenting, but his fame. This abuse that was suffered by our hero shook my core when he told me. His youth was marked by his only seeing memories. These include his feet cut open while his eyes were filled with glue and other horrible incidents that came to the climatic ending with his blinding by small knife, simply so that this anonymous figure could scoop out parts of his brain that create street drugs internally. These memories haunt our hero. This is the essence of his illness and dark artwork. He is quoted saying that “This is basically the premise of our show.”
The arguments that he has with these memories are based around the images scarred into his consciousness by said incidents. “He does not ever yell at me specifically,” his wife stated, “But I am used to him yelling at his brain. He did say that he did not want to have this argument because the figure he saw was only his memory of a man who claimed to be his father.”
“This is terrifying, but she has not left me yet. Hopefully I can deal with these things that haunt me.” Our hero states, “I used to refuse to speak with the people that I could not see and only discuss matters with those I could. This is that scarring of such a childhood. These are the crosses I have to bear. I know now what love is, my daughter taught me that.”
                His wife adds blatently, “He is not, never has been and I doubt ever will be an abusive or violent man. He just yells at himself sometimes. I’m honestly used to this delusion and it is getting much better. I used to hand him his guitar to play it. He lives in a world that includes only 14 tattoos on his covered arms. These are the recent ones, not all he has.”
                “I used to resent the word Dad, although I have a couple.” This issue is not due to the drugs that have been issued by prescription; our hero would like to say, “Most people make all the plants on earth in their head to begin with. The man who may have stolen me as a baby and carved up my brain to eat and such may have had some issues. Nobody is sure who this guy was. Although my brother goes by the name Brain because he was able to save me from this man.  He is only blind in one eye.”

Our hero is trying to live a life on stage and that goes with various issues. “One of these is dealing with the paparazzi that basically make things like this up so that they are cordially denied in actual papers. I think I actually was rude to that person personally. I had him arrested at one of Jello Biafria’s funerals. “I said that I would go to all the funerals in his family and take pictures of him.” This is the man who sent the video of our hero yelling in a corner of the studio and only took that quote from his actual message. He would like to rescind by saying,
“’...’ in that sort of tabloid means that he is basically lying. If there is one thing that I have been trying to do for the last 25 years it is ban these momentary lacks of insight and memories from my subconscious. I think now that blind people only see the inside of their head. It makes me think it’s a gift. I usually record the album a year before I actually do. I am trying to prove that it is all a blessing in disguise. I can pull creative things out of the air. Nobody else sees the shelves that I pull the notes from. Long ago I  just put a cease and desist order on these people. Me and my wife have been married over ten years.”
“We were rather open about it.” She adds.

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