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Men Who Simply Like Bags

The issue of the overuse of plastic bags is one found in the mainstream media. Articles can be found in many mainstream papers, including the Calgary Herald. This is also a topic of discussion on the television news broadcasts.

Art is something made to share an interest with an audience. In thinking about the corporate CEO’s form of art it becomes abundantly clear these men would like to share their love of bags with us. There is no other reason they should have been spread across the globe in the fashion they have been. Nearly every piece of mass-produced food is wrapped in one of their indestructible bags. It is clear their art is to share their love and interest in bags with the commoners of this world.

It is a reasonable statement from the consumer that we have seen enough of these men’s fantastic and indestructible bags. It is clear the problem lies with the producers of these bags. The corporate men who have made the decision to spread these bags across the globe are those who need to be listened to. They have shared their love of bags with the common citizen for the last quarter century. One only has to visit the local landfill to see just how much these men like bags. We must share with them that we understand their statement. It is the only way this will end.

It is time to realize their love and move forward with them. Please do not misinterpret my message. I do like bags. I think they are all right. I do not, however, like bags quite as much these men do. I feel they are wonderful way to transport goods from one place to another. I do not, however, feel the need to feel my way through three or four bags to get to the proverbial Pizza Pocket.

It is time for us to tell corporate America that we do understand. We realize they truly love bags and would like to share their love with us. We realize that the ultimate goal is to spread their love across the globe. We must tell them we realize this before they will quit making these unnecessary mass-produced bags. If we group together as the common consumer and explain that we understand their art form they may let us move forward to a world with fewer plastic bags available in it.

I suggest a letter writing campaign to the owners and CEOs of these companies. We could start with a simple thank you for the food. We would then move into a clearly written suggestion that we understand their art. We understand they have just been trying to share their love of bags with us. We can write them personally and thank them for increasing everyone’s interest in bags and bringing the topic to the hearts and minds of the common man. With the realization their goals have been met, we may be able to convince these men to produce fewer bags for our handling.

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neverending rainbows said...

Hey there!

I came across your blog on your music MP3 site. :) And so I decided to say hello.

-Damaya (maya... the one who gave you millions of dollars)