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I used to write.

I used to write… All ampersands and broken speakers - loud, distributed light and someone who worries that they are not beautiful. I want to write more, again and even regularly. I suppose there are only us to help. I heard last night that Son House hadn’t played music in 20 years when he was finally recorded. I can use that sort of idea to create this into a masterpiece. That isn’t good writing, but this is:

This is the first tale I heard about Horus Gogeb. He was trying to be tough for a while, but lost his ability when he got older. He had scary and powerful friends, but could no longer use his size to intimidate people. He was mostly a gentleman and carried a pistol, even though he was one of the richest men around. He hardly ever was at home. He stayed in the halls of great power. That is where he, finally educated, decided to stay in the learning reality, but he was not allowed to stay in a reality with the people who he so thoroughly corrupted. I think he was one of the most despicable men around in this day. I admit I only know some of the story.

The second story I heard was creepier, and about his younger years. It was a tale of disembodiment and water, something he got away with and swore he would never do again, something that harkened the lives he lived before he was allowed to own everything and do anything he wanted during a grand technological advancement. The people were learning so much, but all this man used the computer for was killing people and now it is a sort of spring harvest of souls that will ban people from this video game.

This part of the story I learned from great thinkers of the modern era. It is an idea about what is going on, and let me tell you, nobody knows what is going on. If you think you know what you are talking about you are more likely to be wrong in your prediction than someone who makes a wild guess. The video game is life, something you paid 25000 croutons for.

The crouton is the universal currency from the other world before this one. 80 croutons is a snack. 800 croutons would buy you a bike. 23000 croutons would buy you a used car, 25000 croutons is how much you paid for this video game. It is an entire life in a world that was created for you to gain experience points and have adventures. It used to be man vs. nature but people built stuff and then history happened, it was all just a study in human behavior.

Anyway, Horus Gogeb is banned from ever entering the game again because, while using cheat codes he has been mean to too many people. His constant wars and use of technology just granted to this false world that lead the real world to the creation of this false world, therefore leading to the creation of more false worlds. Because of this, and the very nature of this game that we are by chance playing, we are bound by the same moral responsibilities that we have in the real world, here in the video game, or false world. As such, I heard Horus Gogeb is going to alternate false worlds created purely out of know how to work the invisible computer and avatar that is a body. There are many artists who are creating false worlds for people to go to.

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