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these dripping lies, these silver linings and clouds

this is a difficult topic, so it’s mostly gibberish. there are other points that are made if you were there, but i mostly avoided reality. ynordu is phonetic, like “bang” and we invented our own names, they are our names now. jon has his own name, and we are not like the others.

we are of import to the little ones, they cannot succeed with these letters. we must handpick them like so many perilous tree fruit and take our time to tender them legible so they do not do it by themselves, in so much painful dripping mania as i have encountered. do this for the children and you will have less shapeless masses on the street, scared and orphaned - pushing their cold metal carts through the hopeless streets with nowhere to go and nobody that can help them. silence takes their tired souls, eventually to leave this world without leaving a mark. it is all about who you learn to trust, who your role models are.

 i never wanted to go to grandma’s house. eventually i learned to enjoy the trips, because of what we would do at the time. we would be well fed and cared for, instead of the dreams that took me hopefully away from my youth - always to be turned into these painful truths, that would haunt me like a feather and turn tail to wind back through the forest. when i ran, i was not blind, i just don’t think anyone came looking for me. later, when i was blinded - i was given lights. i do not know why, i had never had them before.

later, i ran away to neverland and am yet to truly return. when my family fed me i thought i was in a palace. i had never been fed before. i slept on a little bed on the floor, it was mine. and although my ear hurt, my eyes hurt and my body hurt constantly i was happy. then they took me to the doctor, and learned of my malady. i could not hear it, but eventually this trigger has passed and hopefully the rest of the flashbacks will be of good memories like what happened last night. the lady buying us candy and brain a pet coconut made me happy. we had never had a childhood yet, though he was maybe 11. we were on our own until then, just me and brain. that was why we went and made our friends in these invisible worlds. nobody stopped us, cause we had nowhere to go. they adopted us, that is why they are my family. they took us in, raised us and made us able to become who we are today. i am eternally thankful to that group of individuals, and they are legitimately more my family than a band to me. i even forget what most people think of us sometimes, and we are just eating happily as an extended family.

so don’t think punk rock never did anything for anybody.
punk rock saved my life.

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