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Words like pedals
Dieing leftover parts
Meddling in their wavering form
She speaks like the others

Ghosts in several lands
Speak like martyrs
Trading their sheepish night
She speaks to the water

Tell them they know anything
Tell them they are right
She paused
The cat was late
They told him in was five-fifteen
And sent him to their mother’s

Sisters spark wavering told like a shapeless mass or filth
And never more than one day short they brought the mystic reign
When they could have reasons for a simple pathogen
That marked their cross
A way, for them, to innocence

There was a water sent for gasoline matters
Spilling their times they send people to mine fields
They know it is important to treat them with cause
For they are bent like a road
That is perfectly still
And the trees are all made to be righteous and real

So taking their wandering mind from the shattered fall
Speakers that can be unkind watch their palace fall
And surely there is some kind left inside the man
For I speak with wrath for the peaceful encounters left
And I speak with charred lands and remembrance of the fallen

There is no palace that can save you from your sin
There is no ending that places you to begin
You will have to live down every last plan
And you speak calm like a dying man
Dressed in his pain

Sincerely, Jack Sanderson

To: Dick Cheney

I have put off writing this letter for a long time, mostly because I don’t like you.

It will publicly announce your acceptance of guilt for your actions and suitably your afterlife will be less horrific and will gradually get better as you make the proper decisions to re-establish your existence in the creators world. You see, Dick Cheney, it is like we have signed an agreement with the creator in which you agree to respect the world that created you. We are also bound by this contract to abide as a team.

You were obviously very little more than a “one person at a time” murderer for the 500 years or so since the last great advancement. Thusly, you were given all the power in the world at the time of the next great advancement of humanity. Because of your actions with all the power in the world (mostly just weaponry and fame), especially your war on God, you are booked soon for a transition to your afterlife. This is a stick in the eye to you from immature spirits that God loves. It is that you can see the future for a moment and always remember how you tried to destroy it.

Although most people stay in God’s world, reborn soon after death and filled with happiness, full of good things and nice feelings, you, sir, due to over 3 million casualties of war, will have a damnation reserved for special cases. Once you arrive in Summerland, (which has already happened because you are reading this and I saw you), the flight back will cause you to have a difficult dream because in God’s world there are many people everywhere you go that don’t like you. Power was initially discovered (this life) as a great way to be popular. It was really because of your friends you joined the CIA.

You will know this, because the time has come for you to feel guilty, and because you hear my voice in your head very often and know what I am about to say yet still want me to be cool with you, the time has come for paradise to fall. There is nothing in the water here. This is not such exodus from Babylon. I have told you for years that eventually you will die of natural causes. It is God’s will, and it is so people like you some day go away.

Genocide is the kind of sin reserved for few psychopaths. I feel that you must really want to do it for a number of lifetimes. Surely you endorse the actions of yourself without the opportunity, an also famous man name Jeff Dahlmer. His wish is God’s command and you were given your chance to make up for sins. You could have fixed this planet but you used the opportunity to commit as many atrocities as you could in a lifetime. You and your friends are responsible for more torture than anyone who has ever been sent to me.

I’m afraid I cannot be your lawyer,

Jack Sanderson

Dear 2012,

Please don’t be the end of all time. Could you please just bring us into the light? Could this be the revelation and return to light and not the destruction of all time?

Please quit scaring all these conspiracy theorists into frenzy. They are sometimes dangerous people that will get very worried about the end coming. If you could put an end to this dangerous paranoia, that would be just wonderful.

I’ll wait.

Jack Sanderson

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