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I was one of the millions that enjoyed Micheal Jackson's music. My life was influenced by him. He was the reason I owned a leather jacket as a child. As an artist I was like many who were influenced by him. Not only did we find influence in the tones and lyrics of his songs, while he was young some were influenced to become more fluent on their instrument as to not be outshone by a child. This is a common societal influence of a prodigy and speaks to human nature. A child like that in the media is of amazing influence.
The first album I ever enjoyed was "Bad," released in 1987. His music continued to influence my life in grand ways. When I first began to listen to heavier distorted music it was a polar shift in my mind, an anti-Micheal Jackson. In the end I thank him for introducing me to Nirvana. While a child I enjoyed the pop hooks and bass lines that were on the hits like Billy Jean or Smooth Criminal. It was not until I had matured enough to enjoy pop music that I began to enjoy the same things in these songs.
The world has lost an eccentric icon. He was a strange man who never left the public eye. It is my belief that Micheal Jackson was simply lost in a world created by his misplaced childhood. He was a superstar five year old so his mind did not develop like most of ours. His public image in his youth was perhaps created by someone who was not himself. This could have lead to a psychological disorder in which the afflicted turns to scarring their face and changing themselves physically to change their perception of who they are. This could be some self-mutilation syndrome but of course, I am not a doctor.
We have many jokes about Micheal Jackson, but the fact remains that he was a prodigy songwriter and entertainer. He was a popular musician for the simple fact that people enjoyed to listen to him. His recordings will be held in high regard for following generations to appreciate and dance to. I suppose this is the great thing about the computer, we have all listened to our favorite Micheal Jackson songs even though he is no longer with us. We will be able to appreciate an eccentric genius long after the artist has passed. These works will live on, but not only in interpretations by artists that follow. We will hear Micheal's work any time we wish and time will surely be kind to our friend.

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