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this I believe

This is what I believe:
For Preston Manning

By Jon Pelletier

I believe in magic, not so much in rabbit out of hat illusions but in various isms, which allow me to be characterized and labeled in specific ways according to my personality. I believe that we should do precisely what we are told at any given time because those who seek power always know best. I believe that prohibition of firearms would cause 4 Billion people to attack my country and that we must be afraid of a terrorist attack at any time. At any time, a terrorist or intruder could enter my home and rape me, kill my wife and steal my children. I believe that fear is a tool for control. It allows me to control myself.

I believe that drugs make black people as crazy as they make white people and that in comparison, various races would probably have the same amount of fuck-ups lying on the street making money. These are the men we should be afraid of. I fear men with guns. I believe they carry the weapon in order to feel more confident and appear stronger. I believe small men drive clean big trucks. Big trucks with guns on them are the three-way orgy for manipulative in the closet, child molesting senior citizens like the American government. I believe that evil men become more and more delusional the more horrible things they do. It is my own philosophy that we should all try and make the world a better place. By bettering our own world we make ourselves happier.

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