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Ok time to get serious

My name is Jon Pelletier and I am a Grateful Dead fan. I enjoy Nirvana as well, though they were before my time. I am 22 years old and live in Penticton, BC, Canada. Right now I am a student at the local college but I've decided to take it on myself to become more productive, in the real world. I make music daily and blog quite often, over at the love forsaken thing Myspace. We don't really need to get in to our relationship right not.
I have a penchant for the strange I doubt I will ever escape from. I have a curiosity which allows me to try make sense of things I cannot understand. This has gotten me in trouble more than once, as I tend to be anti-authoritarian, sometimes simply for the sake of it. This is a bit of a bad habit, it comes with being too impulsive I think. For example, this morning I found a video on in which a young Arab woman was speaking with a child in Arabic. From the subtitles, it was a scathing review of a story from the Koran explaining the Jews tried to kill their prophet and how they were of different Gods. It was meant to be an "insiders underground video from Saudi Arabia" but it wasn't. It was horribly racist towards Muslims, filled with lies and such, and the words the small child and host were using for Jew kept changing. When they mentioned Pepsi was boycotted due to the Jewish board of directors I could only think, gee, Coca Cola set up its first ever bottling plant in Afghanistan only 4 or 5 months ago. The speakers also didn't say Pepsi. I digress.
I attempted more than once to post comment about the video because I had a Koran at hand, a Penguin Classics Blasphemy Edition (joke), and quotes a few lines on the contrary to these claims, out of the verses of their Bible. It is on my other blog, and I've got like 25 views in the last few minutes.

This is the plan:

I feel if I put my stories and articles and opinion pieces on a more reputable blog I wouldn't have the shame of posting on Myspace. I enjoy writing and want to be able to do this as a career, thinking, reading, learning, teaching, believing and sparking even just a tiny little piece of hope in people's eyes. I'm a strong believer in the utter beauty of our planet and I hate to be redundant, restate what others have or say things over and over again, but if we don't quit destroying our world, we won't have anything left. Love is key.
I'm trying to get published in like, paper things some folk read.